Essay on Can We Live without Trees

To know if we can live without trees, we must know what they are for.

In ancient times, many people appreciated the balance. Libra becomes an attribute of the gods. Themis – a goddess of justice – was depicted as a symbol of holding scales of justice.

People have long understood that the balance is more valuable than just good or just wealth, or just luck. Balance is important for life on the planet. And it is basically maintained by the trees.

Numerous studies have confirmed the exceptional importance of the trees in maintaining the ecological balance in the environment. According to experts, the value of environmental protection functions of the trees, i.e., the preservation of the gene pool of flora and fauna is by an order of magnitude higher than their economic value as a source of raw materials and products.

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Trees are the main productive force of the Earth, living energy base of its shell – the biosphere, all liaison components and the most important factor in its sustainability.

About 90% of the total biomass of the Earth is concentrated in the woods. And the function of reproduction of life they perform better than any other types of vegetation.

Total leaf surface of the world’s forests is almost 4 times higher than the surface of our planet. It is directly related to the high capacity of solar radiation and carbon dioxide absorption, oxygen separation, transpiration, and other processes that affect the formation of the natural environment. They play a significant role in large-scale management of natural processes.

Today the greatest concern is the state of tropical rain forests. They are stretched in a wide strip along the equator through South America (mainly Brazil), Africa (mainly Zaire) and Indonesia, serving as habitat for millions of species of plants and animals, many of which are still unknown to science. In addition, many scientists believe it is on these forests the globe climate depends. Their destruction leads at least to a significant increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide, which in turn causes global warming. And, despite all this, the tropical rain forests are being destroyed at a phenomenal rate; in the twentieth century, about half of the tropical forests was destroyed, and in our time, their annual losses amount to 16-17 million hectares, twice the level of losses in 1980, and corresponds to the area of Japan.

At this rate (if it do not decrease) in the next 10-20 years only pitiful remnants will remain of this biome. Such destruction is caused by several factors, and together they boil down to one common cause: all countries where the tropical rainforests are poor and their population is growing uncontrollably. Large numbers of young people cannot find work there or live on the land, barely able to feed their families. So they burn out forests, clearing the land for agricultural purposes, and cut down trees, getting firewood and timber for themselves and for sale. Unfortunately, the soil in the tropics is poorly suitable for cultivation as it quickly loses nutrients and is poorly mineralized.

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