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Dog Therapy Research Paper

Dog therapy is a therapy which uses dogs to help people suffering from mental, physical, or social disorders to reduce the stress or the consequences of a medical treatment or post-operative problems. During the adolescence, dogs can be of an emotional support for young people in difficult situations.

Dog therapy can be a starting point or a complement to more traditional therapies. It is not restricted to the medical field, since it extends to social issues dealing with others, education or crime. It could also be used in the context of problems with attention and concentration, impairment of self-esteem, depression, loneliness, and isolation.

Participants do not need any special skill. Contacting with dog is supposed to have a calming effect on them.

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To write a good research paper on dog therapy you should know that it is a subject of criticisms about the lack of methodology and the lack of scientific studies to prove its objectively compared the effectiveness placebo effect or greater socialization. The media interest is based on studies that have not been subjected to scientific criticism. Via dog therapy, industry encourages purchases of pets, indulging in children or people in difficulty who do not necessarily have the ability to provide welfare and appropriate living conditions to maintain in captivity living creatures. In the XXIth century the robots designed for the same purpose represent a replacement without risk of abuse or neglect.

In the IXth century animal assist therapy was used to assist disabled in Gheel, Belgium. In 1792, William Tuke founded the York Retreat in Yorkshire in England, at that time the mentally ill were treated very harshly, they were chained, locked up, beaten. By offering to take care of animals he noticed that they can focus and feel responsible. After the First World War, the Pawling Army Air Force Convalescent Hospital in New York used dogs as an aid to therapy to help traumatized soldiers. However, it was nurses who implemented the practice in therapeutic environment. Florence Nightingale, founder of modern nursing techniques, was a pioneer in the use of animals to improve the quality of life of patients.

During the Crimean War (1854-1856), she kept a turtle to the hospital because she knew for observing the behavior of animals since childhood, that they had the power to comfort people and reduce their anxiety.

This is the American psychiatrist Boris Levinson will truly discover the possibilities to use dogs in therapy in 1953. This will be done by chance with his dog Jingles. Levinson received a morning call from a desperate parents for her child with autism should be confined to a specialized institute. He agreed to receive her but forgot that his dog remained in his office (usually it is forbidden). Once the patient arrived, Jingles went to the child, sniffed and licked him and then a miracle happened: the child who completely folded over itself denying any communication with the outside world, begun to talk to the dog, and even asked to return for review. Thus the Dog therapy was born.

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