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Mythical Creatures Research Paper

Mythical creatures are creatures whose appearance is marked by the imagination of the people and whose existence could not be proven.

These could be human beings, animals, spirits or mixed nature (chimeras), such as the Minotaur, the Cyclops, or Centaur, who play an important role in the fairy tale, in the fable, in mythology, and in the heraldry.

Most mythical creatures are now considered fantasy of the people of their time.

Nevertheless, many have their origin in the real world: So you go, for example, assume that in earlier times sailors have reinterpreted manatees as mermaids and those who accidentally found mammoth bones assigned them to a giant. In a few cases, a regional “mythical beast” in the more recent research has turned out even to be a real animal.

Examples are the okapi in the Congo region, the Moa and the tuatara in New Zealand and finally the Saola in Vietnam.

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Those who are writing their research paper on mythical creatures will most probable wnt to know that in the princely Wunderkammer, which originated in the 16th century, rarities and mythical creatures have taken a special place. For example, Conrad Gesner drew dragons and unicorns that lived truly in the Alps. Thus, the richness of God’s nature should be shown.

The belief in mythical creatures is far from to be over, as regularly reports of sightings of Bigfoot, the Mothman or the Loch Ness monster are published.

In mythology and folklore many magical animals are mentioned, some are described in more detail than others. Almost everyone is familiar unicorn and dragon, phoenix and the Sphinx. But not many people know about Shedd from Mesopotamia or Ku Shih, a huge dog of Scottish folklore, Swiss or Russian Firebird. Many amazing mythical creatures are still to be re-opened.

In ancient texts, very often you can find mention of the fact that the ancient gods inhabited our planet. Such reference is present, particularly in the “Mahabharata.” It tells about the battle of the gods. The universe, the text says, goes through several stages of development, which takes a long time. Approaching its historic milestone, it must be destroyed.

Earthlings are not the only population of the universe, because it is so great that even the gods cannot see it completely. A very long time ago, it has been programmed, what on earth will the reincarnation of the gods, who will engage in the creation of culture and humanity expect the moment to save firmament.

In this way gods became an integral part of mythical creatures.

Another part ancient mythical creatures are angels. An angel has become an integral part of the culture of a large number of the world’s peoples. In many world religions there are mentions about the existence of God’s messengers who were endowed with superhuman power, able to foresee the future and fly at the speed of thought. In the holy book says about the winged creatures of light, being righteous and prophets.

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