Career Planning Essay

Career planning is an essential process contributing to personal and professional development of an individual. My inspiration stems from the desire to pursue a career in accounting. The combination of structured approach, problem solving, and efficiency required in accounting match my professional skillset and personality type.

Therefore, my short-term goals are to obtain Master’s Degree in Accounting and to proceed with the career in public accounting, specifically tax line of business. My long-term goal is to become a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at Fortune 500 Company. Achievement of these goals includes various steps and procedures that would ensure their eventual success.

Educational process will be particularly vital for reaching the first two short-term goals. Post-degree career planning includes utilization of the knowledge and experience gained during the studying process at Owen. In particular, business leadership and novelty approaches towards the working process will ensure career advancement. The first short-term goal of graduating with Master’s Degree in accounting will require significant amount of diligence and concentration. In my opinion, it should be a combination of gaining crucial knowledge, enhancing teamwork skills, and obtaining vital experience. Such an approach would contribute to sufficient performance for obtaining a degree with the high results. The second short-term goal of going into public accounting would be a partial outcome of the first goal achievement. The two main lines of business in public accounting are tax and audit. Tax line of business is more prevalent for me because it implies higher compensation stemming from complexity, as well as the ability to apply the skills as an entrepreneur. Tax preparation requires higher degree of personal responsibility and lower degree of teamwork, which is consistent with my approach towards the working process.

My long-term goal implies succeeding in a highly competitive working environment to become the CFO of the Fortune 500 Company. Such a goal requires persistence, dedication, highly ethical approach towards the working process, and the ability to facilitate a long-term vision. CFO is amongst the key positions determining the ability of the company to succeed in general and to generate value for its shareholders in particular. Therefore, the achievement of such goal would require excellence and professionalism in the field of finance in combination with the ability to lead diverse team of professionals. In addition, it would be vital to implement sustainability principles in the working process, which ensure social contribution and environmental improvement. My plan implies the achievement of such long-term goal through hard work, continuous personal and professional development, and well as contribution to the society. The ability to manage diversity is amongst the most essential skills of the modern-day leaders in the executive position at Fortune 500 Company.

The achievement of my short-term and long-term goals requires systematic approach, dedication, and focus. At the same time, balancing personal life and career development is vital for every individual. Therefore, my plan is to become a leader in the corporate environment, while maintaining and developing social initiatives.

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