Change Management Essay

Change in an industry can be demanding and could meet resistance if not managed positively. In this case, the need for change is necessitated by the fact that the company is not making the relevant profit that it deserved. The employer finds it hard to institute the difference given the fact that he fears for the livelihood of the workers who are like family to him. Given a chance, the relevant change would be to redesign the company through shifting social attitude. The company needs to focus on the global change and embrace the new global regulations. The company is not making profits due as it is facing economic turbulence. As a manager, it would be appropriate to source or funding to increase company presence through enhanced marketing strategies and the change of the market forces.

The company would face resistance from union leaders due to the fear of the unknown. The company would propose a worker sendoff plan that would incorporate a wage to cover for the length of contract that they would have worked. It would include a retirement plan that would assist them in starting life without hustle. The company would also ally with other companies opening shop in the area to absorb some of the workers that are more vulnerable and young for the retirement age.

To encourage innovative thinking, the company should asses the talent that it has in the employees. An assessment would be able to identify the abilities and ways through which the employees want to enhance their innovative skills. Secondly, the company would create a feedback channel for the clients to gauge their products and services and express their needs so as the company would tailor their manufacturing to meet the needs of the employees. The company would also create an open environment where the workers are free to engage and contribute to the decision-making processes of the company.

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