Persuasive Essay on Child Adoption

Persuasive Essay about Child Adoption:

Child adoption is the process which is characterized with the supply of children with a family which would love and take care of them. Child adoption is the legal responsibility of the new parents for the life and well-being of the adopted child.

The action of child adoption is a positive practice in the modern society, because every child requires a caring and loving family which would bring up and support him in the right way. Every day thousands of children all over the world lose their parents because of different reasons: some parents die, some are deprived of the parent’s rights and some parents decide to get rid of their child because of the unfavourable financial background, lack of responsibility and unplanned pregnancy. When the child is abandoned, it is a big problem for the young person and for the society.

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In order to solve the problem of the abandoned children, children are adopted by various couples, who can not have their own children or who simply want to help the abandoned children with something. The most common targets of child adoption are babies, because the baby does not know that it is adopted and treats his parents as the real ones. The elderly children and teenagers already have problems with adoption because very few parents want to adopt them and they understand that they are adopted and can have problem in communication with their new parents. The main principle of child adoption is to adopt child for his total benefit, but not for the benefit of the parents. If the third person reveals to the child the information about the adoption without the will of the adopter, it is supposed to be a crime.

Child adoption is a magnificent opportunity for the abandoned child to find a new family which would love and take care of him. A quality persuasive essay is supposed to observe the issue on child adoption from all sides and provide the reader with the convincing arguments about the relevance and importance of the problem. One should demonstrate his knowledge about the matter and prove that the topic is worth attention and provide the strong sides of the phenomenon of child adoption and its effectiveness for the improvement of the human society.

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