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Research Paper on Samoan Culture

The people, culture, and holidays, and all the other basic elements of life, all together, make amazing lifestyle of Samoans. Samoa is an island nation consisting of 10 islands. At various times, America, Germany, and New Zealand wanted to get certain Samoa islands.

Currently this island nation is divided into Samoa and Western Samoa. In the life of the inhabitants of these two regions, there are some differences.

Samoan culture is very rich, with distinctive traditions, with its own kitchen, its dances, its style of dress, and with its diverse crafts. The main aspect of Samoan culture is unity, which is manifested in almost all spheres of life. This unity is the key feature in every Samoan family.

Those students who are about to write research paper on Samoan culture will have to learn that the people has their own style of dance that is performed to the accompaniment of traditional music. Their outfits and costumes are also part of their culture. In Samoa, people comply with all international festivals and events. In addition to nationwide holidays, there are local celebrations and festivals, which are celebrated annually.

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Samoan culture is very rich, with a number of distinctive features. At the heart of the Samoan culture is respect for and commitment to the unity and family. We can say that the culture of Samoa is woven around large groups of families. Traditional Samoan society, and traditional way of life of the society, it all originated from the basic structure of the family.

However, at the moment, Samoa culture is influenced other cultures outside the islands of the country.

In the overall picture of the Samoan culture, matai (chiefs), which are traditionally the heads of Samoan society, are carriers of high social status.

Matai are responsible for the civil, political, family affairs, and other needs of Samoan society. Aiga, which means extended, a large family, is another aspect of traditional Samoan society and culture. Culture of Samoa also includes several folk dance forms, such as: siva Szasz, taualunga, and some others.

In Samoa, there are festivals of many different types. Samoa have festivals that are traditional and cultural, and, at the same time, the Samoans celebrate many Christian festivals, being a Christian country. Some Christian religious days in Samoa are considered holidays, allow residents to observe religious rites. Many festivals are associated with these rites.

But perhaps one of the most popular Samoan festivals is a festival of fire knives. It is a traditional festival that is becoming popular worldwide. During the year, there are several events fire knives. One of the popular events is held by Polynesian Cultural Center.

Moreover, this same organization holds another festival in Samoa, during which many high schools compete with each other. In this festival, besides singing and dancing competitions, there are other competitions involving high school kids. Besides the above, other festivals are held in Samoa, and therefore we can say that life in Samoa, in general, is very vivid.

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