Research Proposal on School Bullying

School Bullying research proposal:

School bullying is the negative behaviour and attitude of one child or group of children towards another target child. The aim of this negative behaviour is to cause harm to the child and abuse him. The problem of school bullying has always existed in the human society, because all people, even children are likely to take the active part in conflicts of all kinds. School is not the exception. School conflicts occur every day and it is impossible to prevent them and calm the students down once for all. Nearly in every class there is a child a two who are abused by their classmates because of different reasons. The most obvious reason of school bullying is the lack of the appropriate bringing up and poor development of the humane traits of character. It does not worth mentioning that the abused child suffers seriously and this school stress can influence the child’s life and behaviour in maturity.

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School bullying is divided into the physical and psychological sides. First of all the child suffers in the physical way if he is hit and pushed all the time. In addition, the student suffers constant stress and he refuses to go to school, see his mates, because the school is associated with violence and disappointment. Bullying affects the target’s educational progress and her self-esteem, because she starts thinking about the ways to avoid and prevent abuse and can not concentrate on studying. Being the target of bullying the child thinks that he is worse than others and his self-respect disappears and the personality is ruined. The effect of school bullying can reflect in the activity of the grownup target. Such a person does not strive to make her career, because she avoids conflicts, competition and always remains calm, shy and psychologically vulnerable.

School bullying is a serious problem which should be solved together with students, teachers and parents. It is impossible to omit this problem; otherwise the child’s psychics will be seriously damaged. The student is able to observe the problem on school bullying deeper and prepare a detailed research proposal which would describe the issue from all sides and suggest the professional solutions to it. The student is expected to focus on the methods of the research, the expectations of the results and the relevance of the matter of school bullying in the modern society.

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