Essay on Company Breaches

The organization discovered on 15th March 2019 that it had shared personal details of 2.5 million of its clients with one of its contractors. The sharing of information occurred between 2008 and 2018. The data belonged to disaster victims including Hurricane Irma. The personal details included banking information belonging to about 1.8 million people. The discovery occurred during an audit revealing. Based on the privacy breach, FEMA opted out of the housing program and decided to pay the hotels directly. The organization further offered free credit monitoring for 18 months for its victims (Bates & Hassan, 2019).

Columbia Surgical Specialists of Spokane
On 9th January 2019, the organization established a security breach involving 400,000 patients (Columbia Surgical Specialists, 2019). The discovery occurred through a security audit on the firm by Intrinium. The cause of the breach was hacking. The breach included encryption of the patients’ data leading to a lack of access by the facility. The ransomware cost the facility $14,649.09 paid as ransom in the form of a cryptocurrency. Columbia Surgical Specialists, however, did not affect the patients much as there was no sharing of the data apart from encryption.

Georgia Tech
Georgia Institute of Technology discovered in late March 2019 that it had experienced a cybersecurity breach. The breach had exposed the personal information of about 1.3 million people with an unknown person (Ikeda, 2019). The victims included the institution students, staff, faculty, former students among others. The info pilfered were social security records or pins, postal codes, names, as well as the day the victims were born. The institution corrected the issues although the intruder had got access to the personal information. The measure to avoid the repeat of the problem and it did not involve any monetary compensation to either the victims or the hackers.

Inmediata Health Group
The discovery occurred in January 2019 when the organization officials found that some of the patients’ data under the custody of Inmediata Health Group had been exposed online by a webpage setting. The information compromised were patients’ health statements info, the names, sexual category, days the patients were born and postal codes. There was a high possibility that the social security number of some patients was also breached. The organization immediately deactivated the webpage to pull down the exposed data. However, the patients discovered in April 2019 that Inmediata had begun sending them incorrect emails belonging to other patients and at times in multiples. The data belonged to about 1.5 million patients (Davis, 2019). There was, however, no financial loss reported during the breach.

Bio-Reference Laboratories
The organization lost data belonging to 422,600 of its data through the AMCA system, unauthorized access. The discovery occurred on March 20th, 2019. The AMCA data loss involved other laboratory testing firms with total data loss amounting to over 20 million patients (McGee, 2019). The unauthorized access to patient’s data occurred between August 1st and March 30th, 2019. The info lost during the breach were names, postal codes, days the services were rendered, days the victims were born, telephone numbers, the remaining credit, and service providers. On the other hand, the breach comprised of stealing data from the credit cards and banking records. However, security questions nor passwords were lost. It prompted AMCA to take down the payment page. The breach cost AMCA $3.8 million as it could not account for the data losses from the breach.

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