Essay: What Makes the United States a Strong Country?

Many countries aim at achieving power to dictate the overall conduct of other nations in the geopolitical space. While a government can use hard control through physical force, others can use soft ability to realize their desired objectives. In this case, the U.S. uses both examples of the ability to achieve their targets. In the geopolitical space, governments aim at influencing the directive of different outcomes to grow their impact around the globe. From this realization, different nations explore their ability to establish dominance in the geopolitical space because of the numerous benefits associated with influencing the decision-making process of global players. In the comprehensive imperial game, the U.S. had to face European competitors such as the British, Portuguese, and the French over the control of foreign lands due to the need to expand its territories. Today, the U.S. continues to face a stable Chinese front whose influence on the manufacturing sector has transformed the various outcomes recorded by individuals in the world today.

The agricultural revolution in the U.S. has seen the country become a model state for the various discussions on food security because of its ability to secure the interests of its citizens. Through the introduction of mechanized agriculture, food production in the U.S. is one of the highest because of the impact of the innovation on people’s lives. From this observation, many individuals across the social classes have access to food regardless of their position in the community. Besides, the country can sell its excess reserves to other nations, a move that increases its growth and development, which strengthens its Gross Domestic Product.

In 1898, industrial revolution took place in the U.S., leading to the development of many innovative ideas that transformed the way people were doing things. In this regard, the establishment of various coaling stations in Asia presented a challenge that compelled the U.S. to invest in production resources that would enhance its outcomes. Similarly, the development of military stations in many parts of the world presented the U.S. with an opportunity to discover its potential and overcome issues that would have affected its control over the geopolitical space. Overseeing the Cuban Revolution saw the U.S. grow its influence across the world because of its ability to contain the situation.

The Panama Canal presented the U.S. with a myriad of opportunities that enabled the nation to grow its trade paths among other aspects that contributed to the realization of different outcomes in the business environment. From this realization, the U.S. secured the chance to build the canal through a series of bold moves that complemented its interests and convinced other governments about its ability to dominate the world (OpenStax). In the same vein, the U.S. involvement in World War I saw the country grow its leadership globally and become a superpower, which continues to dictate terms in the world today.

The U.S. continues to face a stable Chinese front whose influence on the manufacturing sector has transformed the various outcomes recorded by individuals in the world today. However, the U.S. has managed to create a model democracy that allows individuals to express themselves and enjoy their rights. Many nations continue to emulate the U.S. system of governance because of its immense benefits that define the lifestyles of individuals. Over the years, the U.S. has undergone a series of transformations that define its stake in the geopolitical space. Understanding the changing needs of individuals and securing the overall rights of the public is the country’s most significant selling point, which it uses to dominate other nations.

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