Compare and Contrast between Chicago, IL, and Radcliff, KY

Numerous researchers, social scientists, and experts in various crafts have deliberated extensively concerning the issue of urban living and have attempted to characterize the nature of such life.

Essentially, most of them have postulated that the city life has numerous elements that make it significantly different from the rural life including access to resources and the cultural setting of the various regions. Simmel, a 20th-century social scientist stipulated that the modern city offer space for the advancement of each individual and specifically in facilitating the peculiarities of their internal and external development. At a personal level, my experience in various cities has broadened my understanding of the uniqueness of every individual not only with regards to the area of living but also in relation to specific traits. Specifically, the regions of Chicago, IL and Radcliff, KY differ substantially, adding to their individual uniqueness.

One of the aspects that are prominent is the culture especially with regards to social interactions. In Chicago, there still exists substantial segregation in the locality and most of the resident hold other cultures in high respect and tolerate each other. However, there is minimal interaction mainly due to the social and racial stratification that proscribes individuals from one social group from interacting with others. Essentially, such a stand ensures that all the involved factions respect each other’s properties and areas of business operations. Breaching such boundaries normally results in bouts of violence which can ensue for hours requiring the intervention of law enforcement. However, specific racial and social groups collaborate intricately as they engage in activities that expedite cohesion. This is specifically accurate for the black communities which hold the church institution in high regard.

In comparison, Kentucky has a closely knit community that bears no significant stratifications with regards to groupings. Essentially, the main population is Caucasian followed by African Americans who have developed a method of coexisting with each other to ensure social cohesion. Additionally, these groups freely interact with each other, living harmoniously irrespective of their prominent differences. Most of the families are in the middle class and hence manage to take their children to prestigious schools to acquire a good education. In line with this, the rates of dropping out are also significantly lower in comparison to Chicago where most teenagers drop out or fail to make it to college due to financial constraints as well as other factors that impede their education.

The second aspect that is prominently different between the two regions are the rates of crime. Chicago stands out as one of the regions with the highest rates of crime not only in relation to Radcliff but also in contrast to other regions across the United States. In Chicago, as indicated by various news stations, an average of 2 individuals were killed every day from violence in all categories of homicide. The main reason for such high rates was gun violence propelled specifically by the narcotics trade. The demographics of Chicago are characterized by numerous cultures including blacks, Asians, and Latinos. Owing to the scarcity of employment and the high demand for a comfortable livelihood, numerous youth prefer engaging in crime in order to maintain the lifestyle they desire. Additionally, most of them find it difficult to secure employment due to the lack of the necessary qualification and hence they engage in a life of crime to maintain their households and pay for various social amenities. Essentially, irrespective of the gun laws in Chicago, most of the criminals acquire their weapons from other states as they do not require a permit and bring them into the region to perpetrate various offenses. Additionally, some of the gangs recruit dropouts to perpetrate various crimes including robberies and smuggling of drugs.

In comparison, Radcliff records a low rate of crime mainly owing to other statistics that inhibit individuals from venturing into a life of delinquency. Essentially, jobs are available and the residents have the necessary qualification to secure these positions. In an effort to curb crime rates, the government has invested heavily in aspects such as education and infrastructure development to ensure that individuals have numerous alternatives to participating in crime. Ultimately, individuals prefer pursuing an education and securing jobs in contrast to pursuing a life of crime. Additionally, communities in the region have close collaborations with law enforcement assisting in the early detection and aversion of crime in the region. In line with this, there are also various social groups and institutions established to facilitate rehabilitation of individuals engaging in crime.

The regions of Illinois and Radcliff differ on numerous other aspects all underscored by the social, economic, and political status of the individuals. However, both regions possess various benefits and drawdowns to the residents all of which appeal to individuals based on personal preference. Chicago is characterized by high rates of crime and social disorder while as Radcliff is a region in which societies live cohesively. However, Chicago is also recognized for offering numerous sports stars and political figures, the most prominent being Barack Obama.