Compare and Contrast Essay: Events

The development of the contemporary tourism and hospitality industry and the growing competition forces companies to provide customers with a wide range of services. At the same time, the quality of services becomes one of the major conditions of the commercial success and positive performance of a company. In this respect, it is necessary to underline the fact that in order to provide services of the highest quality a company needs to be fully prepared for reception of clients and offering them services they need. In actuality, this means that a contemporary company operating in the tourism and hospitality industry should have facilities, well-qualified personnel, creative and material potential to organize various events, which may vary consistently from wedding to national sales meeting or trade show. In fact, the extent, to which a company could meet the expectations and needs of participants of such events, defines the customer satisfaction and, therefore, the popularity of the company and interest of customers to its services.

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Basically, the organization of various events, which differ dramatically, is traditionally accompanied by numerous difficulties many companies fail to overcome. As a result, some companies prefer to focus on some specific events, instead of provision of large range of services to all potential customers that could become clients of a company operating in the tourism and hospitality industry. However, such an approach is apparently erroneous since it narrows consistently target customer groups of such companies.

Consequently, it is necessary to develop a strategy of the development of a company operating in the tourism and hospitality industry that could provide ample opportunities to organize different events. In this respect, it is important to develop facilities that could create the material basis for the organization of business events, such as the national sales meeting or trading show, as well as entertainment of customers and the organization of less formal events, such as wedding, for instance. In fact, the organization of different events naturally implies the training of the personnel and preparedness of employees to work in different environment. In order to better understand the basic demands a company should meet, it is necessary to discuss different events, including wedding, national sales meeting, and trade show.

Speaking about wedding, it is primarily necessary to focus on the organization of the perception of customers. This means that the company should have restaurant facilities and plan entertainment of customers during the wedding. In fact, on the day of wedding the company should focus entirely on its customers that actually pay for the organization of the event. This means that the company should control the access of other customers during the event, provide clear rules of entering facilities where the wedding takes place. In this regard, the security service of the company should be instructed specifically and control the access of guests and other customers of the company.

The entertainment of guests is a very important part of the event. This is why the company should be able to offer to its customers various services, including the planning of the wedding party, decoration of the facilities in accordance with the desire of customers, restaurant services, i.e. to meet gastronomic needs and expectations of customers. The major goal of the organization of this event is the creation of comfortable and informal ambiance to the extent that customers could enjoy the event, which should evoke positive emotions and feelings of all customers. It is even possible to offer a special present or a service, such as the transportation of the couple to the facilities of the company.

In contrast to wedding, the organization of such events as national sales meeting and trade show implies the highly formal ambiance and the preparation of facilities of the company.

Basically, the company should possess facilities and equipment which could provide customers with ample opportunities to maintain contacts with their business partners and communicate freely with their colleagues. In actuality, this means that it is extremely important to provide participants of a national sales meeting as well as trade show with the contemporary means of communication. Briefly speaking, the company should provide each customer with all office services they use regularly in their business and professional life. At the same time, a national sales meeting and trade show are different and this difference should be taken into consideration by the company while organizing either event. In this respect, it is necessary to underline that a national sales meeting implies the need in communication between its participants. They should have a possibility to freely exchange information, have some consultations, discussions, etc. Consequently, the company should prepare special facilities, rooms, where participants could discuss issues relevant to the event in a more comfortable ambiance. On the other hand, they should have an opportunity to discuss major questions raised during the meeting with all participants of the meeting. Thus, it is necessary to organize a kind of round table meeting, which could take place in a conference hall.

As for a trade show, the format of this event would be different from the national sales meeting. To put it more precisely, the major goal of this event is the promotion of some products or services and informing the audience about these products or services, their benefits, etc. Thus, it is possible to use a conference hall where the audience, i.e. potential customers could gather and watch the presentation of products or services. After that the audience of the show may want to get additional information on products and services that were subjects of the trade show. This is why, it is necessary to organize a conference where the party that has developed the trade show could inform the audience in details about its products and services.

Thus, taking into account all above mentioned, it is possible to conclude that the organization of different events needs the use of different approaches that meet specific needs of each event. In this regard, wedding should be rather informal event compared to national sales meeting and trade show, while national sales meeting and trade show should provide ample opportunities for communication of participants of both events, though the format of this communication would be different. Finally, the ultimate goal of such event as wedding is entertainment of customers, while in case of national sales meeting and trade show it is to facilitate business cooperation and interaction.

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