Essay on Friendship

They did not seem to have much in common when they met – just a couple of seven-year old kids from the same street. The birthplace and the age was all they shared then. Rose was calm and shy, with enormous blue eyes under thick fringe, and Josie was an irrepressible curly ginger. Even her parent could never tell what their little destroyer would do in a moment. Josie’s parents were well-to-do and they did not really pay much attention to their elder daughter, especially when the twins were born. Rose’s parents separated when she was five and the girl lived with her mother. Josie always found new ways to get in trouble and out of it. With her, Rose seemed to smile more. But still she was thoughtful most of the time.

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They have met at a drawing and painting workshop. Josie’s parents wanted her to be under the art teacher’s surveillance, and Roses’ mother wanted the girl to go out more, and that is how they got into the same class. They went there after school and on weekends, so most of the time they walked there and back together, always discussing something important, something that is truly a matter of life and death for the girls of eight.

As the girls grew up, they found more and more in common – they have done lessons together, biked around the hometown, and were both fans of drawing, pottery and handcraft. Only Josie was a bit impatient and restless, while Rose had an enviable diligence – she always finished the projects they started on time and properly. They were beautiful, talented and attractive – each in her own way. Everyone found them unbelievably captivating but there was never a case of jealousy or envy between the girls.

They have found all this attention amusing, nothing more. And they made bright outfit for each other and themselves – bracelets, glass beads, even the diadems for the prom. They wanted to open a small shop when they were grown ups.

One summer Josie left for France. Her parents paid for a summer art school in Paris, and she had to stay there for almost eight weeks. Rose grew dim and did not come out much. Her mother even became worried for the girl, because she did not eat much either. She only painted a lot and made some fascinating pottery, but it was clear she wanted nothing except for her friend to come back. Josie’s parent let Rose take Charlie, Josie’s dog, and take care of him while she was away. After that Rose walked out with Charlie a lot, and everyone was glad she had the pet, because it seemed they both were less upset that Josie was away.

The next summer Rose and Josie have entered an art school, and joked they would be partners in a design company after graduation. Their classmates even thought they were sisters, so much time the girls spent together and so much they had in common then. They even did not have to discuss anything to understand each other’s point; they caught the meaning of each other’s glance at once. The professors were delighted with both Josie and Rose, as the girls were working hard on their projects, and their talent was incontestable.

But in a year and a half, Josephine was diagnosed a cancer, an inoperable one, and she moved from the dormitory to the hospital. There was not much hope for the girl to survive; it was a matter of several months. At first, she has fought hard; taking all the pills, going through the chemotherapy treatment, and Rose stayed and took care of her all the time.

She gave up studying and moved to an apartment near the hospital. She went to Josie’s cubicle each day and took care of her as well as she could. In six months Josie said she could not stand the pain any longer, and she forced the doctors to stop the treatment. In two months she died. It was late summer. Rose did all necessary for her friend to rest in peace. After that she went to her home town and took away Charlie. He was older now, more mature. They had long walks along the park and Charlie was the only thing left from her friend, he was her only friend then.

Rose went back to the academy and graduated with honors. She had a small studio and then a tiny design atelier. In five years Charlie passed away but Rose already knew she carried Josephine under heart. The girl was born into the world six months later.

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