Definition Essay on Religion

Before I took this course, religion seemed to be a farce, which reported apocryphal myths, seeming to lack validity. “Why would people want to go to church and worship God every Sunday?” “What is the purpose of living in this world?” All these questions hit me like a ton of bricks, stunning me; I did not know what to do or what to believe. However, after I completed this tremendously effective religion course, miracles had made my life more meaningful and purposeful. This course also had a great impact on my definition of, view of, and attitudes toward the real meaning of religion. Throughout the past ten weeks, I have learned and experienced various ways of interpreting religion as a search for meaning and purpose in life. Although I fully believe that statement, I still think that religion is an elusive topic, hard to define, interpret, or discuss in a couple sentences or in concrete terms.

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However, if you urge me to put it into words, I would say religion is the act of loving others, and, more significantly, to be loved by others. Religion has changed my life in many ways; it has allowed me to see that money, pleasure, and success are not as vital as I thought they would be. For example, the first step you have to take in order to become a Hindu is to purify your mind and forget wealth, pleasure, and career accomplishment. More importantly, knowing what is the eternal goal to strive for and putting thoughts into action are more concrete and more realistic ideas than just envisioning them. From Christianity, I have finally learned what the world is looking for, and what we can contribute to the world at large.

It has also changed my previous impression of religion and helped me reconstruct my own definition of religion. From the past three weeks of studying, discussing, and analyzing Christianity, I have absorbed many lessons of concern and love for others. At the same time, I have also established my own purpose and meaning in the world through the stories of Jesus. There are many wonderful stories and lessons, which have certainly caught my attention. However, there were two stories I think have influenced me the most. The first was the story of healing a blind beggar.

From that story, I learned that Jesus has offered each one of us equal, justified, and unconditional love. We are all equal; there are no diversities, discriminations, or anything of that nature in Jesus???????? eyes. The second story conveys a strong, concrete understanding of how to love our neighbors and God. Jesus said that the lord of our God is the only Lord. Love the Lord of our God with all our heart, with all our soul, and with all your strength. Also, loving our neighbors is a very big part of Jesus???????? commandments. We have to love them as we can ever possibly love ourselves.

From reading all these terrific lessons, I have noticed that love is not that easy to comprehend. I can imagine that there will be many difficulties waiting for me to overcome, as I keep exploring the more abstract meaning of the word “love”. In my future journey of searching the real meaning of love. The first thing I wish to accomplish is to support all the children, and bring them back to school and let them to be educated. Second, I wish there will be no more people who dies from the starvation each day. Last, I wish there will be no more killings or murdering, instead to love and care others in a more amiable way.

In order to make these great wishes actually happen, starting at this moment, study hard with passion of contributing self to the world community is the best way and it is only way to complete our goals. Overall, I think religion to me is a path of bringing ones to the next transcendental stage of understanding the concept of love. Good thoughts are important; people cannot progress without creative and valuable ideas. However, putting our great thoughts into action will be more effective and more vivid than just planning them in our heads. Do the best of what we can accomplish for the others, for the world and for the community.

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