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Back in the summer of last year I was given the details of what my final major project would entail. I was pleased to see that I had the chance to put together my own brief, from which, I could work on a nine month long project. My initial thoughts were of what interested me socially and of what area of the multimedia sector I want to specialise in. With these two thoughts in mind, I came up with the idea of creating a web site based on my favourite hobby, dance music. On a personal note, I felt that there were too many sites on where the music is now and how to by the various cd’s, but not on where it originated. There fore, I felt that a web site dedicated to the history of House music was much needed and would also prove a great interest to myself.

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My first task was to gain contacts and sponsors. I wanted the site to be backed by a music related business, but at the same time by someone who would give me the freedom to create a web site of my own design. Therefore, I contacted the local record shop in my area, “Jungle” and held a meeting with it’s owner, Lee David. He said that if I advertised his shop for free on my site then he would gladly give me access to his stock of cd’s and music information that I required to complete my FMP, I agreed.

After this, I got in touch with a previous contact of mine, Brian Stokes who owns his own programming business. I enquired with whether he would be able to be my mentor who I could liaise with about technical issues. When asked he was all to happy to help and even offered me the use of his staff if I had any real problems. However, after a few weeks work it became apparent that I would not be able to liaise with booth Lee and Brian due to time limitations. It was therefore decided that Brian would only be contacted if I required any technical assistance. Throughout the designing of my web site regular meetings were held between Lee David and myself during which I showed him numerous pieces of developing work, and discussed with him how I proposed to advertise his business on my site. We both agreed that a small sponsorship sign that used the Jungle logo would be substantial exposure for the shop, as well as a link to the existing Jungle-cds web site. This contact proved invaluable to the creation of my site as due to it being so music related, I was able to lay my hands on a lot of House to import into Flash.

When faced with the research process, I new from the outset what I basically wanted my final product to be. I hoped to create a virtual fictitious nightclub that a user could navigate around so as to listen to the different decades of House music. Therefore, my research spanned from looking at different music sites, shareware sites, furniture sites, and to even architectural web sites. I looked at books about famous buildings around the world as well as ones based purely on club and bar design. Numerous flyers I collected about musical events as well as some for just their design. By researching into so many field I feel that I explored as many avenues as I possibly could. I was able to gain a great deal of knowledge about seventies disco and the eighties dance scene, eras that I am unfortunately to young to have experienced. By sampling this information I was more equipped to added the style and feelings of these decades into my design by applying different colour associations to my designs and final creation.

With my research complete and the idea of a virtual nightclub in my head, I wanted to purchase a domain name. I thought that if I was creating a nightclub then I could think of a name an logo for it and use that as my web address.

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