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Essay on Business Environment

Free Essay on Business Environment:

The contemporary business environment is rapidly changing. Naturally, in such a situation, the contemporary business education should react adequately to the changes occurring in the business environment. This is why I expect that my MBA will meet the major demands of the contemporary epoch and, what is even more important for me, I hope that my MBA will make me able to adapt easily to the changing business environment. In other words, I think that the major goal I should meet during my studies is to develop skills that could help me find essential information, produce new knowledge and improve my professional skills independently, without the assistance of educators.

On analyzing the current business environment, I should say that often contemporary educators cannot prepare students for the effective work in the contemporary business environment. One of the major problem, which I hope I will never meet, is the problem of the lack of balance between theoretical and practical training of students. In fact, I believe that it is very important to avoid either of the extremes. Instead, it is necessary that my MBA provided me with a balanced combination of theory and practice.

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In other words, on receiving my MBA, I should have a profound theoretical knowledge of my subject but my theoretical knowledge should be amply supported by practical training. Ideally, I would like to have training in a perspective company and it is very important for me to get practice of work in real life situations, where I could fully apply my theoretical knowledge and acquire important experience.

Obviously, such a combination of theory and practice is one of the major conditions of my professional development and growth because, if I have some gaps in theoretical knowledge or practice training, I will more likely be unable to apply my knowledge or choose the right way of actions when I am employed after the graduation.

At the same time, the contemporary business environment is susceptible to the significant impact of the process of globalization. In such a context, I think it would be useless to focus on the learning of some specific national management or business style, approaches, and practices. In fact, I strongly believe that my MBA will provide me with the opportunity to work in a multinational and multicultural environment. To put it more precisely, I should be able to work in a culturally diverse environment. It seems to be obvious that the traditional style of work that is acceptable in the US, for instance, will not work in Europe, or Asia. Consequently, I have to be able to adapt to work in different business environment, to work with people that have a different mentality, culture and traditions.

In this respect, it is also very important to fully realize my internal potential and I hope that my MBA will help me develop my skills and my creativity. I believe that creativity can determine my professional success because, on the one hand, I will be able to adapt to any business environment, while, on the other hand, I will be able to develop and apply innovative style and approach to my work.

Thus, I hope that my MBA will meet all my expectations and, after the graduation, I will be a kind of universal professional able to work in the contemporary business environment.

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