Essay on My Financial Goals

Free Essay on My Financial Goals:

Basing on today economic situation and the fact that social security and retirements from the government are no longer guaranteed, I realize the importance of setting goals and looking towards my financial security for the future now. Like most other people I would like to feel secure with my finance, having a decent living place of my own, a good car, medical insurance, and possibility to spend my free time the way I like it.

Within the next five years and I plan to secure a job in the field of nursing. I realize the significant demand of personnel, especially nursing one in the medical field and I feel I will have the possibility to actualize my skills and character in this practice. Therefore, I decided to pursue education and build my career in medical field.

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My first small financial goal is to support myself independently. During my studies I will plan, invest and save for my future. After my studies will be completed, the first point in my five-year postgraduate plan will be finding a good working place. My criteria will be the possibility to develop professionally and personally, thus investing in myself as a professional, and decent salary, which would allow me to satisfy my immediate needs and desires, and invest in my future.

My second objective will be finding a good flat to live in. I realize that investing in real estate during first years after graduation is not the best idea; thus I will be looking for a place to rent. I also plan to apply for a loan to purchase a car. As for me Education Systems Federal Credit Union is a reliable organization to have financial issues with, so I plan to apply for vehicle loan there. Their rates are affordable, and, which is also very important, they provide lots of useful information about managing budget and getting credit wise.

My friend who used Education Systems Federal Credit Union services told that their personnel are ready to collaborate with their customers. People who use their services can get useful financial advice, and choose the product that suits them best. I like that their strategy is so customer-oriented, thus I will apply there for my car loan.

Another important option in my five year postgraduate plan will be pursuing further education. As for me in order to be a real professional in the chosen field one should study continuously. Moreover, every educational course is a valuable investment in myself as a professional, which can increase my value on a labor market. I am still not sure about the exact field of studying after getting nursing degree, maybe rehabilitation or holistic medicine. As soon as I will settle with it, I will understand what resources will be needed for that. I read that Education Systems Federal Credit Union has education loans, so I plan to apply to them in case I will need extra financial support for attaining a new professional level.

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