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Aerophobia (from al-Greek: ??? – air and ????? – fear) is fear of flying in aircraft.

Aerophobia can be either a single phobia, and manifestation of other phobias such as acrophobia or claustrophobia. Aerophobia primarily is not a disease but a symptom of it.

Aerophobia attracts usually more attention than others because of the frequent need to fly on airplanes, especially in professional work, and their great popularity.

According to various sources, aerophobia usually appears after age 25. About 15% of adult active population may suffer from acrophobia.

According to a survey, about 15% of all Germans suffer from fear of flying. Another investigation of reasons of fear of flying showed that 20% feel not very well on board. 37% were afraid of losing control, 34% fear of a possible plane crash, and 13% fear of height or the invisible medium air. In this study, 38 people were interviewed and observed with fear of flying as part of a virtual exposition. The fear of flying is called a specific phobia according to DSM IV, depending on the situation and not as a classic phobia,” as they always composed of several fears referring to it.

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According to the aerophobia study from 2007, there are three groups among those affected these:

  • 68.3% have flown at least once in their life, and the fear of flying occurred suddenly and unexpectedly.
  • 22.9% mentioned as a reason for their fear of flying a subjectively negative experience (severe turbulence, emergency landing, etc.) during a flight.
  • 8.8% have never flown before, this group of people is afraid of their first flight.

Most respondents experienced the fear of helplessness (61.2% responses), the fear of a crash (54.6% responses) as well as the fear of turbulence (44.1% responses). The fear of terrorist attacks within a year (DFAZ Study 2006: 1.9%) rose by eight percentage points and has given a reason by now to 9.7% of people to be afraid of flying.

Aerophobia, also known as aviophobie, is the one of the specific phobias, and is related to claustrophobia.

The main symptoms of aerophobia are nervousness already a few days before the flight, the possible failure of flights due to a fear of flying, rapid or inconsistent breathing during flight, increased heart rate, tight muscles, sweaty palms, the need for alcohol as a calming means during flight, the analysis of the sounds and movements in the cockpit during the flight, the visualization of the images of the plane being crashed, obsessive search for information in the media about the plane crashes and other similar stressful mental and physical phenomena.

Study some free example essays on aerophobia to find out that its treatment is to teach the patient relaxation skills and control their own mental and physical state, and then, a necessary step is exposure therapy.

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