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Research Paper on Social Cognitive Theory

The social cognitive theory (also called socio-cognitive learning theory or model learning) refers to a learning process that proceeds according to a process developed by Albert Bandura concept into four processes, which are divided into two phases: acquisition and execution.

In addition, the social cognitive theory assumes that the expectations, which an observer has, are crucial in determining whether he actually mimics the behavior of a model.

A person’s behavior is then imitating the model when the person expects pleasant consequences or believes it can reduce unpleasant. There are thus expected behavioral consequences to an incentive for behavior. Example: A student expects success from using a cheat sheet because his friend told him that this always worked for him. “The people are directed in their actions (…) more to their liking, which precede this, rather than relying only on the results of their active actions” (Albert Bandura). The above described phenomenon is called earnings expectations.

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If a learner observes a behavior as a model, then the observer must execute this behavior to see it as such. He will prefer such behaviors, in which he feels competent. At the same time, he rarely prefers such behaviors, in which, he thinks he can be less competent. Thus, the observer makes a subjective assessment of his abilities; he needs to imitate the behavior. This is called the phenomenon of competence expectancy. Example: If someone asked a person in the disco to dance solo, the person will only do so if he or she believes himself or herself to be a great dancer. A person is most likely to show such behavior, when the competence expectancy is relatively high.

An individual is able to assert himself. People appreciate and assess their behavior after a certain subjective criteria their behavior. View of self-affirmation is the expectation of a favorable self-assessment in imitating the behavior, which leads to satisfaction, well-being, and self-reward in social cognitive theory. Example: A person who rejects the theft from internal setting, can hardly observe as a role model a man that steals CDs in a department store.

The human image by Albert Bandura is a strong, people-oriented individual, who lives in the performance-oriented industrial society. This view is certainly true not to apply to all cultures. What this means for his theory that it is especially true for people in Western culture.

Students writing their research papers on social cognitive theory have to remember that the theory focuses only on human experience, behavior, and action, which is based on observation. However, there are types of learning without observation, such as insight learning.

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