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Faith is an important component of human existence, which is close to concepts of love and hope. Faith is an integral part of a human being, which does not require proof, needs no scientific evidence, and does not need to be explained – it just is, and it does not hide, it is like the air and the rays of sunlight. Often, the word “faith” is used in the terms of religion, and is very close to it, hand in hand, leading the people and the entire human race. As the great French writer and philosopher, Michel de Montaigne said: “Nothing is so firmly believed as what we least know,” with which I fully agree, and closely associating words from the New Testament: “Faith is the substance of things hoped for things not seen.” Belief is born in a man as something special and meaningful, which easily explains the origin of all things on earth and in heaven. It is born the moment a man is born, with his first breath.

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Our creator believes in us, exactly the same, and perhaps even stronger, as we do in him.

Faith spread around the globe, leaving a part of it in every person. People, who have discovered this feeling, elevated it by their works, their love, and hope. At first, people expressed their feelings, including faith, in rock art, and then there was writing, and faith has become more accessible and understandable to all, as well as hope, and love…

The most surprising is that faith spread everywhere the same, everyone believed in God (names, of course, were different), who created everything and everyone, and the forces of nature were deified, respected, and cajoled.

All this continued to the present. At present, people lost the power of faith. They are so mired in the swamp of daily hassles that they have forgotten the basics and became unguided vessels, floating like dust in the wind, like the dying of thirst in the desert, seeing oasis, dismisses him, taking it for a mirage…

Many scientists, and not only them, argue that there is no god, and that everything came into existence with a big bang in space, which was formed quite understandable physically.

This is their point of view, this is their world, and not as strange though it sounds – it is their faith. There is no person on this planet who does not believe or does not know how to do it. It is just that some people try to deny it. Even if we consider the group of people who are united themselves under the general term “agnostic,” i.e., people, who believe that it is impossible to prove the existence or non-existence of God, have their ideals and their faith.

One can endlessly speculate whether there is faith in modern society or not, we will stick to their point of view, but we believe in it, and that is a lot.

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