Research Proposal on Sales Promotion

Sales promotion is the complex of techniques and strategies which are aimed at the increase of the sales and commodity circulation. The success of business does not only depend on the factor that consumers purchase the product, but on the factor that the purchase the product often or with the shortest intervals. The more goods and services the company sells the higher profit it will have. It is obvious that it is not easy to persuade clients buy products they actually do not need, but there are numerous techniques which enable businessmen attract more and more customers and increase the commodity circulation. On the basis of sales promotion there is the idea of increasing the rates of sells with the help of provision the customers with the opportunity to gain certain profit.

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The techniques are quite different in practice but the aim is single. For example, the companies suggest special extra offerings if a client purchases something and very often this extra offering is of the reduced price. Then, in order to attract customers companies offer free example products for trying. If a client tries the product, he will probably buy something more. The most widespread and effective method of sales promotion is the organization of sales, when goods are sold on the reduced priced. Sometimes the reduction reaches to more than 90% of the product’s price and it attracts numerous clients. Then, there are certain gifts and promotions if one buys certain production and various competitions or contests, which award the lucky clients with great prizes.

Sales promotion is the important strategy of every company, which wants to increase its profit. If a student is interested in marketing, he will need to get to know about the various techniques of sales promotion and complete a good research proposal on it. A successful sales promotion research proposal explains the purpose of the research, illustrates the expected results of the investigation and presents the methods which can be helpful for the research and the literature review used for the analysis of the topic. One should focus on the questions which require investigation and persuade the professor in the success of the chosen topic.

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