Essay on Tips for Saving Money

How to save money? Usually they say that you must investment 10 % of your income. And many of us even tried to do it. However, only each third has ever managed to save some money on such simple things as furniture or a car. If it comes to investment, there is an approximate ratio is quite depressing: one to twenty.

The main reason is that the tips for saving money are devoted to convincing people of the usefulness of saving money. Okay, half of those who read the book or article, agree that the saving is useful. And the question arises, how, in fact, to do it? That is the obstacle, where most people stumble.

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It turns out that the simple tips do not work for most of the population. This is akin to the advice on how one may learn to swim, or drive a car: nothing is more simple, just jump into water and swim, or spin the wheel and click on the gas. Swimming is good for health, and driving skills saves time. And sometime such methods can teach some people to swim or drive. Others require more detailed and step by step guide.

So, let’s look at the detailed tips on saving money:

  • First tip. If you do not know exactly, where to invest your money, then you will definitely spend them. If you know exactly where you want to invest, then the probability of successful accumulation increases several times. If you know how much money you want to invest and where you want to invest them, means you are ready to do. Therefore, rule number one is to learn possibly more about potential investment and determine hat is amount of money you ready to invest to feel comfortable
  • Tip two. Do one step at the time. Do small investments whose effect you can see soon. Do not plan long-term investments they are too long to wait to bring you some dividends. You must feel joy when you are saving: do it for a few months to buy a TVset or laptop and buy it! Feel the joy from your purchase. If you liked you may want to continue it.
  • Tip three. Save more. They usually say to save 10 % of your income, it is easy and you won’t even notice the difference? It’s probably true and you actually won’t, but you should! Your saving must inspire you; It even might hurt you some way but then you will notice the difference not only now when you are saving but then when you will count the profit.

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