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World peace is a historical slogan of pacifism, which is an ideology of non-violence. The Pacifist movement or the peace movement is an anti-war social movement, opposing war and violence by peaceful means and condemning their immorality. It often merges with antimilitarist and anti-imperialist movement. Pacifists condemn all kind of war, denying the very possibility of war to be lawful, liberation, sacred, etc. They believe in the possibility of preventing war only through persuasion and peaceful demonstration.

The historical origins of pacifism are in Jainism as the epitome of the most consistent ideological pacifism, which manifests itself in a particular fundamental pacifistic history and culture of India. There is a misconception that many other religious groups, originating in India, such as Buddhism, also are pacifistic in nature. However, in the case of Buddhism, it is not so. Pacifist tendencies can be noted in different ethnic groups. Thus, the Moriori, the people who inhabited the island of the archipelago Chatham (New Zealand) had a cultural and religious prohibitions on conducting war.

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Stoics were pacifists, who opposed the enforcement of freedom of others, believing that good does not happen without response, “untiring benevolence can win favor of even very bad people, and there is no soul so stale and dull to the good that would not become virtuous, and, in the end, would not thanks to its benefactors.” Marcus Aurelius wrote: “The best way of revenge is not to respond to evil with evil. The dignity of man is to love even those who insult him.”

All of the first Christians were pacifists. There is no evidence of military service of the Christians in the Roman army before the end of the II century AD, but on the contrary there were known cases of martyrdom because of the refusal to serve in the Roman army.

Justin Martyr wrote: “And we, who were killing each other before, not only not fight our enemies, but in order not to lie and cheat those, who interrogate us, profess Christ and die with joy.” The rejections by Christians from the original pacifism associated with the acquisition of power by them. For this reason, the Christians were in the Roman army under Constantine the Great, and, according to some sources, even accounted for a quarter of its troops.

However, pacifism did not die with the adoption by the majority of Christians the idea of ??justification “just” violence. At the turn of the first and second millennia BC, in the monastery of Cluny in France began a movement for the settlement of the “God’s peace.”

From farmers to the king all took an oath not to embark on military action first and to avoid any kind of violence against unarmed.

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