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Vampires are a legendary or folklore creature, an undead that is believed to feed on the human or animal blood to draw its vitality. In folklore, the term is commonly used to refer to the blood-sucking creature from Eastern European legends, but is often referred to creatures similar to vampires from other countries and cultures. The characteristic features of a vampire in a variety of traditions vary widely. Some cultures have stories of non-human vampires, such as bats, dogs, and spiders.

In zoology and botany, the term “vampirism” is used in reference to leeches, bats, and other organisms that feed on bodily fluids of other creatures. The term is also used with respect to cryptozoology and blood drinking beings including Chupacabra.

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The term “vampire” can be used to denote any mythological magical creature that is of predatory parasite nature, sucking the power, energy, or the life of the victims.

Mythological creatures that act in a similar manner, often regarded as a model of a vampire, even if they do not suck blood.

Vampires became popular in Europe in the beginning of the eighteenth century from the Balkan legends about vourdoulakas. It was in Vojvodina, 1725, the word “vampire” appeared in legends by Arnold and Peter Paole Plogojowitz, two Austrian soldiers, who, during a war between the Austrian Empire and the Ottoman Empire, allegedly returned after their death in the form of vampires to haunt villages of Medvegia and Kisiljevo, where they sucked the blood of the inhabitants. According to these legends, vampires are ghosts in shroud, visiting their loved ones or their relatives, causing death and destruction. De masticatione mortuorum in Tumulis is the book written by Michael Ranft in 1728, in which he examined the belief in vampires. In his book, Ranft uses the slave term “vampyri” for the first time. Thereafter, in 1751, Lorraine Benedictine Augustin Calmet in his Treatise on appearances described a vampire as a “ghost in the body,” thus distinguishing it from the intangible creatures, such as ghosts, and other spirits.

Various explanations have been advanced over time to explain the universality of the vampire myth, among other phenomena of decaying corpses (with wisps of methane on stormy nights, because of static electricity), burial alive, ill with tuberculosis, rabies, or porphyria, or clinical vampirism of serial killers, who consume human blood. Scientific, psychoanalytic, or sociological explanations attempt to identify the reason why the myth of the vampire continued through the centuries and civilizations.

When using free research papers on vampires, students may learn that with the art of cinematograph, the modern vampire has become a key figure in both the literature and video games, role playing games, animation, and comics. The belief in these creatures continues well to exist through popular folklore, as well as through many subcultures, including gothic, which identify itself with vampires.

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