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Ethics has to do with the standards of behavior that people follow; what is right and what is wrong. For example, people act ethically when they tell the truth even when lying is not against the law.

Managers can act ethically or unethically. Mangers act ethically on factors that include values and morals. If a manager has high values and morals in their life then they will probably act ethically in the work force. Their high sets of morals and values are more likely to do the right thing. This is true in every person’s daily life. Sometimes companies have code of ethics. Code of ethics is a formal document that states an organization’s primary values and the ethical rule it expects managers and operatives to follow (Robbins & DeCenzo, p.60). I think all companies should have code of ethics. Code of ethics states what the company wants from the managers’ judgment.

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An ethical dilemma is a situation when doing something that is right may also involve doing something that is wrong. It is important not in situation like this to make a quick decision but instead to consider carefully all sides to the question before deciding what to do.

The article “Boot Camps on Ethics Ask the What Ifs” shows why ethics is useful to managers. It was a good idea that Sun Microsystems’ management went through the Fiduciary Boot Camp. This training program that covered ethical issues gave Marian Davis the knowledge of a detective. After the Boot camp, Marian Davis could recognize ethical issues. She now knows what ethics is and how to use it in her management. Sun Microsystems is on the right track to be a successful and honest company. These ethic classes will improve management decision-making in the company. Management is enhancing their knowledge of doing right conduct for the company. This is helping the company because everyone employed to Sun Microsystems will be on the same path. These classes are probably costing Sun Microsystems a lot of extra money but in the long run it will payoff. The management decision-making should be always ethical. I think Sun Microsystems is a smart company for putting on these ethic classes. Sun Microsystems needs a code of ethics in the company.

It is terrible about what happens when companies and managers do not act ethical. When Mr. Watts told the class about Firestone and Ford, it made me feel horrible inside. A lot of people died because Firestone didn’t tell Ford about the width of the tires on the Ford Explorers. People lost their lives cause Firestone was unethical. Firestone and its management didn’t act responsible in its “gray” areas. Firestone lacked a sense of values and morals. Now they are paying the price in lawsuits. Managers need to be more responsible for their decision-making.

The company that sold asthma sprays with no medicine acted very unethically too. Managers in this company should have had enough common sense to not sell these strays. Probably a bunch of people that bought the spray and have asthma became sick or even died. These two companies are putting their customers’ lives on the line for not acting ethical. As a consumer, I hope all the products I purchase are safe. To make a company or business last in our economy, management needs to act ethical.

My parents have taught me morals and values that are ethical. I try my hardest to act ethically in school, work and home everyday.

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