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The movie ” Gattaca ” is a futuristic story about Jerome a genetically imperfect man and his seemingly unobtainable goal to travel into space. The film is set in the not to distant future a time where being genetically valid or invalid dictates ones future, further more the current technologies available in the movie allow parents to create the genetic material of there offspring’s and predetermine specific attributes they wish there children to poses. The main character of the movie Jerome proves that sheer determination and a desire to achieve can counteract the genetic advantages posed by other characters. Being a film of the science fiction genre the director of the film presents a possible scenario of things to come once humans can alter certain processes, in this situation Andrew Niccol poses the questions how will we use genetic engineering and how it will effect future generations? ( Where does society draw the line ).

In the movie Gattaca the social and society hierarchy is determined by ones genetics, whether they are valid or invalid. The valids are considered as being of a higher class and of the social elite, many of valids in the film don’t prove this theory especially in comparison to Jerome an invalid. A perfect example of this is Director Josef, Vincent’s and Ironies superior at Gattaca. Director Josef was a valid and considered as being an honorable and a highly skilled man to have the ability to run gattaca, so when the Mission Director was murdered he was not a suspect. Further emphasizing this belief is that an eyelash of found of Jerome before his transformation which exhibited invalid dna just because he was invalid he was already considered guilty. In Director Josefs case not even genetics could combat his murderous rage certain traits cannot completely outweigh human emotions.

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Anton Freeman was considered as being ” the best of you ” referring to the best of his two parents genetics. Anton the younger brother of Vincent was always considered as being superior he was fit to carry his fathers name unlike Vincent and had a bright future ahead with countless amount of possibilities, while his brother would never achieve his aspirations. This belief was built on the foundations of the games of chicken the Jerome and Anton had a young boys, Anton was always the stronger swimmer until one day Vincent out swam him this gave Vincent some self belief and is evident in the quote ” It was the moment that made everything else possible “. As a child Anton would often brag to Vincent that he do any job he wanted while his brother would be probably relegated to being a cleaner, as time proceeded the opposite occurred. Anton job as an law enforcement officer maybe noble but he probably hasn’t reached the expectations that were placed on him, on the other side of things Vincent had no pressure or even belief placed on him and reached his goals and totally exceeded the little expectations place upon him.

There may not be a gene that’s specific use is to harness one’s potential and succeed when it is considered as being inevitable, this pressure was placed on Anton and also on Eugene. As Jerome mentioned upon his initial meeting with his new identity Eugene ” He suffered under the burden of perfection ” this was a contrasting difference to Jeromes solaced burden that was always emphasised by his parents. Jerome’s hinderance was in his genes and more specifically his pending heart disorder this is what stood in the way of him achieving his dreams until his transformation. Eugene was created genetically to be a champion swimmer this never came to fruition the pressure of expectation was to much for him and when he didn’t live up to expectation, the burden of perfection and failing made Eugene attempt to take his own life, the acts of a person far from perfect. When Eugene agreed to ” rent him self out ” as he put it to Jerome it was in a sense a liberating experience for him as they shared a brother like relationship, Eugene was finally witnessing what he possibly could have been if he could have harnesed his potential or maybe if there less anticipation on his future. The tight camaraderie shared between Vincent and Eugene was displayed when Eugene went to his ultimate demise after Jerome traveled into space, he believed that he had won his race after climbing up the stairs to prevent Jerome from being charged with the mission directors murder and no longer wanted to be alone.

The director of Gattaca Andrew Niccol presents the film in a variation of different genres so he can accurately and clearly portray a numerous amount of themes and social issues. The main theme and issue presented in the film is how will genetic engineering change and effect mankind. Characters such as Eugene, Anton and Director Josef act as a warning to viewers that specific gene therapy used to predetermine attributes of a child isn’t necessarily a good thing. One the other side of things Niccol uses Jerome to suggets that genes cannot gauge the determination of an individual.

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