Everything is Illuminated Essay

Everything is Illuminated Essay:

Leaving a theater after watching a movie based on a book like Everything is Illuminated, it is possible to hear people stating how much better the book was than the film. Yet, when comparing a book and the subsequent remake of it in visual format, one must take into consideration different aspects associated with the outcome of the project. For starters, due to time constraints, the film will be much shorter, meaning the book must be summarized and a lot must be withheld from the story. The characters will surely be different than what the reader originally imagined them to be, which is essential in storytelling. The film takes all the creative thinking and imagination out of the equation, thus rendering the story, for some, as a ‘could have been better, but that was expected’ account

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It goes without saying, that in order to be effective in one’s writing abilities, especially in a discipline such as film, it is imperative to get the reader’s attention, which will lead him to what one is trying to describe. A catchy story or a tidbit of information is enough to catch a reader’s eye and show him that it will be an interesting paper. A good example would be a summary and an opinion on a certain film. Before going into the details of a film and its plot, the gist of it must be explained to the reader in order to entice him to continue reading, knowing that he is in for an interesting piece. Using the above-mentioned film as an example, it would be wise to start off by stating: a film about a young man searching for his family’s roots, only to discover that what he is looking for, will lead to an illuminated vision of the world in which we live in. This can come off a bit tacky off the bat, but a reader will grasp the fact that the young man’s journey will teach him about life and everyone he comes in contact with during his endeavor.

A thorough explanation of the light in which one sees the film is also essential to effectively raise one’s point. The feelings and emotion one gets from the film is enough to show how effective it is at conveying its message in that sense. If it is a drama, comedy or a horror flick, one’s feelings must be conveyed in a way that will describe how effective the director was at evoking emotion and a subsequent reaction. Which scenes or sequences, the tone or emotion on the screen are just some of the fragments of what the director has put together to produce emotion, fear, laughter, suspense or anything else in a viewer that is attributable to the film. The better a student can convey his emotions in writing, the more accurate his paper will be on truly grasping the director’s intentions.

Moreover, a good summary of the film is necessary to put the picture into a broader view, in a sense that the two hour film can be fully grasped in a matter of minutes of reading the paper. The plots and stories must flow very well so as not to confuse the reader, especially for films with flashbacks and parallel stories. Following the basic structure of a film with a conflict, riddle and a problem can be an effective way in summarizing one’s story.

As stated above, first and foremost, it is essential to grab the reader’s attention and to guide him to the point one is trying to make in the paper. as long as there will be an interesting hook, the reader will have no trouble continuing reading the interesting paper. Describing one’s emotional state, will give the reader a feeling of what’s to come in a film. Where to expect the ups and downs, etc. Finally, the summary will give the reader, a final picture of what the film is about. With these three vital tools, the writer is sure to show the reader his own understanding in an emotional as well as a knowledgeable sense of what the film is conveying to the viewers. These are effective tools to showcase one’s skills in the art of effective writing in an academic setting.

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