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Research Paper on Child Abuse

Every day we hear either on TV or on the radio about sexually or emotionally abused children.

Child abuse day by day involves more and more people. The rate of abused children has risen dramatically over the past decade and this is something that each and every one of us should be worried about. In addition there are many cases were parents actually abuse their children. There are many forms of child abuse but the most common one are two: Physical and emotional abuse.

In physical abuse children may be beaten up treated improperly by their own parents or even worse sometimes raped by their own parents. On the other hand emotional abuse has to do more with emotions and neglect. Child abuse is a very severe social problem that concerns our society and our family life; People must take responsibility and try to stop this social plague that corrupts our world.

As I already said this is a matter concerning our society. If everyone doesn’t care and does not pay any attention then no solution can be found and this situation will continue. Child abuse also concerns our families. An abused child can be found in any family meaning that it is not very unusual to happen. Anyone who is part of family can easily understand that and should be concerned about his/her children. With the cooperation of the government and also child organizations ways of dealing with this problems can be found.

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First of all, people who do such things should be prosecuted to the full extend of the law and punished as harshly as possible. Besides this seminars can take place in countries around the world that would inform people about child abuse and the horrifying consequences child abuse can have on children. Another thing that would be very helpful is if the media, in their effort to achieve high number, present everything so tragically and so dramatically exposing thus the child who is the victim and instead of helping making the situation worse. These are some ideas and opinions that can be useful and with some will can be helpful.

Physical abuse is the most well-known form of child abuse and of course the worse and most traumatic one. Children are exposed to many forms of violence. They are usually beaten by their parents or they are tortured sometimes by sick people. Even worse there are innumerable cases when little girls are raped and are sexually abused. During the last years there have been many cases of physically abused children. I will present some of them. Two weeks ago on the 27TH of February fireman Kenneth Dorsey “was arrested yesterday on charges of molesting three young girls, law enforcement officials said. The police said that a 10-year year old girl had told them that firefighter, Kenneth Dorsey, 41 , had taken her into an alley and touched her buttock on several occasions during visits to the firehouse of ladder 12, engine 3, on West 19th street. The girl’s sister and a friend said he had performed a sexual act in front of them, the police said.”(Ramirez, 1) in addition Dorsey was also arrested on charges of sodomizing a small kid but was released due to lack of evidence. Another sad story of child abused took place on Newark in 2003 where two children were tortured by close relatives. “Two of Faheem’s brothers were discovered in the basement held captive”. (Jones R L, 2). The two boys were tortured and died. Sherry Merphy41 was accused of committing this crime. He was the cousin of these children but these didn’t stop him to commit this terrible crime. Continuing an amazing story was revealed last week in the states where a teacher faces accusation she had sex with a student. Specifically “The teacher, Jodi Throp, 35, of Mendham Township, was accused of engaging in illegal sexual activity with a student, now 15, in Ms Throp’s home at leas 20 times between June 2001 and last September, said the Morris County prosecutor, Michael. Rubbinacio.”(Hanley B.5). Even in those days we hear and learn about these sad stories. Despite all this thought the police has made progress and tries to eliminate this social plague. Many children are pushed to prostitution from a small age without their will and are used as merchandise by many illegal gangs that fortunately many of them have been sprained. This is of course something good to hear and makes a lot of people feel better. On the other hand except physical abuse which is the most severe one there is another kind of abuse that can provoke many physiological problems mainly to a child. And that is emotional abuse.

Emotional abuse is also very serious although it is not as harmful as physical abuse. If a child is not treated properly and doesn’t get all the affection and love that it needs or is mistreated and excluded by its surrounding then it is possible that it may develop serious physiological problems that could become serious in the next years. Iwanec Dorata in her book The Emotionally Abused and Neglected Child says :parents who seldom interact with their children, who do not speak, play, encourage new activities and opportunities to learn will inhibit a Childs vigorous and happy development.” (Iwanec, 5). That means that neglecting your child, not giving what it needs from you and not spending time with it can be very harmful. The sad thing is that throughout the world there are millions of emotionally abused children. Sometimes even the parents don’t understand the emotional situation that their child may be not because they don’t care but because they probably don’t have the time to sit down and talk with them. These children should be helped by special physiologists that know how to support them and guide them properly. This way these children will grow up and become valuable members of our society. To conclude it may seem that emotional abuse isn’t very serious, but it is. And every parent should be careful and patient with his/her children, try to spend time with it and finally find the real needs of their child.

To sum up these are the most common forms of child abuse. Despite the efforts that have been made by the governments and various organizations it is also our responsibility to do anything in our power to eliminate this “disease” from our society. It is unbelievable what we hear every day from the news what we read from the newspapers. That something that should make us more determined to fight against child abuse. To end, child abuse can be the most horrifying and terrible experience a child can go through and can cause a lot of physical and physiological problems for the rest of its life.

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