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Some national legislations provide their citizens with the right to keep firearm for self-defense or hunting, while in other countries citizens are fully deprived of this right.

 In the United States, the right to keep and bear arms is guaranteed by the second amendment in the Constitution. Sale, possession, and use of weapon by private individuals are governed by federal gun laws. Currently, citizens of the United States have the right to keep stub-barreled and long-barreled rifled or smooth-bore weapon as well as semi-automatic weapon.

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In Bulgaria, Hungary, and Latvia, it is allowed to keep and bear firearms, including rifled.

In Brazil in October 2005, a referendum was held, during which the majority of citizens opposed the ban on the sale of firearms. So now, the citizens over 25 of age are allowed to keep firearm for self-defense or hunting. The permit to the acquisition of weapons is given by the police and is updated every three years.

In the United Kingdom, the possession of firearms is prohibited in accordance with the Act on Firearms from January 1997.

In Germany, according to the Weapons Act of 1973 (amended in 2002 and 2009), possession of a weapon, including gas spray gun, is allowed only with special permit to the persons who have reached the age of 21. Members of pistol clubs under 18 may not use large-caliber weapons. Law enforcement authorities have more power when checking gun owners.

In Greece, you can possess a firearm under the age of 18. To obtain the license, you must specify the use: hunting, target shooting, or personal security. Prior to the issuance of licenses, the person should go through a comprehensive criminal background and domestic violence check, as well as be tested for mental stability.

In 1996, Israel adopted a law on weapons control that allows for jail sentence up to 10 years for anyone found guilty of possessing weapons without a permit. The authorization for weapons possession is available for a period of three years (five years earlier). To obtain the permit to bear a weapon, you must take the exam in shooting and present a medical certificate confirming your physical and mental health.

In India, the law allows keep and bear 7.62 semi-automatic rifles, 9 mm and 11.5 mm pistols and revolvers. At 12 of age, you are allowed to use the weapons for the training, to get a license when you reach 16. The Government has a monopoly for selling and production of civilian weapons, and sets high prices for small arms as a protective measure, which makes it extremely difficult for the majority of the population to buy the weapon. The Indian Constitution enshrines the right of Sikhs to bea a dagger as a part of  their tradition.

In Ireland, it is prohibited to keep firearms since 1974.

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