Happiness Definition Essay

While happiness is not lucrative, cannot be measured and neither can it be sold or purchased, a significant percentage of the global populace are always in pursuit of it. People globally want to be happy. Unfortunately, just it is difficult to grasp on components such as water and air within an individual’s hand, it is also difficult to hold happiness using an individual’s hands. This points to a critical aspect of happiness in that it is immaterial and intangible. With such a characteristic, is it not indeed for humans to assert that they are experiencing happiness? Subsequently, this raises critical questions about happiness particularly on whether happiness is just an emotional attribute that humans find difficult in accomplishing such an emotional attachment related to happiness.

Material wealthy or any aligned items cannot purchase happiness. Material components including airplanes, television, tractors, houses, or cars cannot be equated to a happy feeling. Material wealth only establishes an individual’s status symbol, and while these critical aspects may make their holders assume that they are experiencing happiness, it is not usually the case as such emotional attachment may be deprived of them any moment (Seppälä 23). Even individuals with vast possession of wealth can still lack happiness similar to poor individuals on the streets. Material possession is certainly gained, in this same way, it can be lost and subsequently resulted to fear. With fear, an individual can rarely accomplish or increase happiness.

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So, if material wealth and physical attributions cannot establish happiness, then what creates this much needed emotional feeling. For an individual to accomplish and enjoy the full highlight of happiness, it is critical for them to find their purpose in life. In most cases, when individuals live without necessarily integrating purpose in life, they mostly get lost thus losing happiness. On the contrary, individuals who in their lives are driven by a sense of purpose are always experiencing the happiness feeling as well as the aligned satisfaction. These are individuals who feel that they are not on this planet by mistake but with a goal. For every individual, the living purpose is primarily unique (Bertrand 35). For example, some individuals align their purpose of teaching; others align their purpose to motherhood and other important aspects in life that provides happiness. While these goals may seem small, a successive progressive in accomplishing them are sources of happiness.

However, taking the progressive purpose motion can be very worrying. For example, a parent in pursuit of providing for his family may take long hours at work to make ends meet. While such an attribute seems positive, overdoing it at the expense of the family that the parent hardly finds time for his family can be risky since the parent can easily lose the family. For happiness to hold; therefore, a constant is that all aspects of life must be at equilibrium with none extensively surpassing the other at the expense of other life components (Austin 127). It is therefore for humans to understand that there is a necessary prerequisite to balance between joy, strife, and work.

In conclusion, human beings can only be happy if they have something to strive after, the purpose of life. With such strives, human beings certainly find joy with life as well as issues to smile and laugh out about life. However, the central aspect of happiness is that it should originate from ourselves. The world is full of negative energies, and if individuals do not cut out these energies, they may end up being unhappy forever.

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