Essay on Hatred is Like an Acid

A great number of philosophers, psychologists, poets, and ordinary people have tried to define happiness. It is discussable who has done it better, but one thing is certain — it is difficult to imagine a happy human being without psychological equilibrium, without peace inside. This is probably the base the happiness is built on.

Fear, resentment, envy, and other negative manifestations weaken this base. It is very difficult for a human to restrain himself from such emotions. Is it not a reason for us to speak about the evanescence, fleetingness of happiness?

However, there is nothing like hatred. Hatred is like an acid — it corrodes human soul, disrupts psychological equilibrium, paints your inner world in dark colors. Hatred in its essence is a self-destruction.

Why is this happening?

It is peculiar to a human being to associate himself with the world around. We perceive the outside world depending on our self-perception. The reason for it is our habits and stereotype, we acquired during the process of our upbringing, as well as our personal values, and even some instantaneous feelings and moods. The more balance our self-image is, the more flaws we are willing to forgive or overlook. We live in the reality we believe in.

Any negative feelings towards the outside world are the reflection of not always noticeable internal processes. An acute form of self-resentment, low self-esteem, a dissonance between our personal moral settings and the ones inherent to the society we live in — all makes the outside world a horrible place in the eyes of a frustrated person.

However, hatred is a feeling of a special magnitude and intensity. You cannot hate slightly.

This is kind of an emotion that captures the whole of you. It wastes your energy otherwise would be spent on creation. That is why hatred is before all a lack of freedom, captivity, bondage holding our personality in uneasy limits. When we hate, our universe contracts itself to the point of our hatred. The world loses its colors, it becomes monochromatic, uncolored. All our being servers this wicked, insatiable feeling.

A person, blind with hatred, is easy to control, to manipulate because his moral settings are shifted out of balance. The hatred is the most important thing in his life. It puts to shadow all the other priorities, which in the normal state would be in the front row.

Actually, what is happening, the person is locked inside his personal emotions. In this scenario, we can see hatred as a way of degradation because such a person is unable to develop. It is an opinion of many psychological researchers that the more developed personality you have, the less is your ability to hate.

But what about the «right», so-called noble hatred? A hatred towards your enemy, for instance? All this is not more than just a lofty rhetoric, masking the old same manipulation. You do not have to hate a fire when you try to save your house in flame — it is enough to love it. The noblest struggle does not have to be a struggle against something or somebody, it has to to be for something or somebody important and significant.

When we hate we constantly struggle with ourselves. On the other hand, the fire of hatred had to be fed or else it gives way to the pang of guilt. You have to find new reasons to hate, new resources to keep the fire burning. Such a resource-intensive process cannot last long.

No matter how large, our resources are not infinite, and sooner or later we have to pay the price in the form of depleted energy. However, such a depletion is considered by the hateful person an act of self-betrayal, apostasy, that is another burst of guilt. This vicious circle can easily lay to waste your personality.

All said does not mean that hatred is an open emotion seen by others. However, emotions boiling deep inside of you are not less harmful. So, whatever is the reason or the object of your hatred, it is directed towards yourself after all. Hatred is a long going process of self-destruction, which is easier not to start than try to stop it latter.

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