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Human aggression is one of the most important problems in society. Why do people sometimes seek to inflict pain and suffering to others? What drives a warrior, deliberately going to die, in spite of the instinct of self-preservation? Why do parents abuse their children? How can a suicide murder himself? And how a well-to-do family can breed a rapist or a murderer? Few people know the answers to those questions. The world has become so cruel that we, without noticing, are causing each other pain. That is why, in my opinion, this topic is very relevant today. Understand the nature of aggression, its origins, master it, not to hurt other person are the main objectives for this work.

Since ancient times, mankind has been interested in the phenomenon of human aggression. This is especially true for members of the ruling classes, whose main goal has always been to improve their control over the crowd and elaborate strategies on upbringing of law-abiding members of society.

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At its core, any aggression is nothing but a manifestation of active discontent with his environment or himself. Aggression is not to be understood as a purely negative, destructive, and opposing harmony of life phenomenon. Just the opposite: the role of aggression in the development of life is so great that it is simply difficult to overestimate.

Tendency to aggressive predatory, violent behavior we inherited from our animal ancestors. The conquest of new territories to access to the richest sources of pleasure, desire to control the largest number of community members, and dispose of supplies of food and drink. Like most animals, the representatives of the human species vary considerably in the degree of inclination to the manifestation of aggression: in addition to demure and touchy people, there are brawlers and bullies.

The intensity, direction, and duration of aggressive interactions depend on a whole range of psychological, physiological, and situational factors. An equally important role in the formation of aggressiveness is played by many biological and constitutional factors: the nature of the human diet to a large extent determines his militancy. Anyway, the basis of all aggression is a particular conflict, whether it is perceivable or unconscious, fleeting or prolonged.

One of the main problems in the definition of aggression is that the term implies a wide variety of behaviors. The word “aggression” means “a person’s behavior in relation to other people, which is characterized by a desire to cause them trouble or harm. Various scientists and philosophers have different opinions of this phenomenon. According to one of the definitions proposed by Bass, aggression is any behavior that contains a threat or prejudice to other. Another definition, proposed by several prominent researchers, contains the following provision: only such activity can be considered as aggressive, when there is an intention to hurt or insult. Finally, the third point of view, expressed by Zilman, limits the use of the term “aggression” to the cases when a person is trying to inflict physical damage to other person.

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