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Astrology research paper:

Just note that there is still no generally accepted definition of astrology – different sources give different formulations, and their total number reaches several dozen. It appears that much of the ongoing debates about the role of astrology in the history of culture is due to the lack of clear understanding of the term.

Dictionary defines the term “astrology” as a teaching of the alleged connection between the position of the stars and historical events, the destinies of men and nations. Another dictionary of foreign words defines astrology as a doctrine on the relationship between the movement of the heavenly bodies and earthly events, based on this communication method to predict the fate of individuals or groups that emerged in ancient times, were developed in the Middle Ages and became popular in the 20th century.

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According to historical sources that have survived to the present, astrology originated in ancient Mesopotamia around thirty thousand years ago. This date is considered the starting point of the history of astrology. At all times, people wanted to lift the veil of secrecy, to know what the future holds, be able to avoid future events, and if so, how. How to do it enter into a contract with the devil to find the Philosopher stone or comprehend the mystery of providence power of the human mind.

People have always tried to answer these seemingly complex and controversial issues. For thousands of years, astrology was the key to understanding the incomprehensible, to answer the questions. And today, on the basis of many archaeological, historical, and even hypothetical information, we can talk about how this most ancient and universal science developed.

It may be considered one of the oldest because the history of astrology has more than three thousand years. Throughout this time the wise men learned the secret science of the stars. For many scientists of the time astrology was an oasis, reaching which a man could become wise, and thus a powerful man. Not having a large store of knowledge about the world, mankind has tried to interpret the data receiving from it, based on astrological theory.

According to the ancient scientists, astrology is a universal key to the mysteries of the universe. Like philosophy, astrology can rightfully be called the mother of all sciences. It was the cradle from which emerged medicine, mathematics, geometry, and many arbitrary science: astrometeorology, heliobiology, astromedicine, and others.

Initially, the ancient sages, driven by a desire to know the unknown, tried to predict the future of a country or a ruler with a intention to possibly avoid future troubles of war, plague, the death of the ruler in an accident or other unforeseen situations. Predictions allowed to take precautions and avoid future troubles. Later, due to the spread of astrological knowledge there were many charlatans taking advantages of human for their desire to know the future.

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