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A martial art is a style or a school that focuses on teaching the combat techniques, with arm or without it. Historically, this training includes a spiritual and moral dimension to achieve self-control (essential both to renounce avoidable struggle and to cope effectively, if it is not), and is enriched by multiple knowledge (cultural, philosophical, medical, etc.). Thus, martial arts aim overall development of the individual: external (strength, flexibility), internal (energy, health), intellectual, and moral.

Because of its history, the term “martial art” is most often used in everyday language to describe a discipline of Asian Fighting, and the most popular martial arts in Europe and America are Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Korean. However, similar schools “combat arts” exist in many regions and cultures, and martial arts in the broadest sense, now encompass a wide variety of disciplines.

The history of martial arts dates back to the earliest ages of humanity and is characterized by a complex system of distribution among cultures and regions of the world.

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It should be noted, the difficulties that we may have to identify the core and limits of the concept of “martial arts” are eminently Western problem!. In Asia, these issues do not arise, every country, every language has its own term for this practice, even more if necessary. For clarity, the literature on the issue most often uses these “original” terms, transcribed: Wu Shu for Chinese martial arts, Bujutsu and Budo for Japanese martial arts, Vo Thuat for Vietnam, Thaing for Burmese, etc.

The English phrase “martial arts” is a neologism coined around 1933 to designate initially the fighting techniques of Japan. Present in Asia for a long time, the West had not yet grasped the wealth of martial arts, teaching of which remained forbidden and hidden to them, and which they equated to variants of their “boxing.” Thus, Western journalists reporting the famous revolt of 1900 in China, spoke simply about “boxers,” hence the name “Boxer War.”

But on the other hand, Japanese, loving and wanting to fit in with modern sports trend, actually began in 1880 to create the “Budo” as we know it today (Judo, Kendo, Karatedo, Aikido, etc.), clean versions of their traditional martial arts, without their most dangerous techniques. On better terms with the West, eager to attract and enhance the image of Japan, they presented them these “Budo,” opening to the West the knowledge of “martial arts,” as they then began to name them…

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