Humor in Advertising Essay

Very few people understand the entire power of humor in different fields of our life. In my opinion, humor is important in education and at the workplace. It helps people find a common language and build healthy social relations. Very often, it is easier to explain something with the help of an anecdote or a light joke than with the help of the persuasive facts and arguments. To my mind, it is important to apply humor in business and management. It is easier to communicate with your coworkers and employees of different levels with the help of humor. Next, when a firm wants to make its production popular among customers, it should advertise it in the right way. There are different techniques and methods of advertising. Every method is acceptable in the definite situation, place and time. Sometimes the most effective technique is humor. I will focus on the analysis of this useful element of successful marketing.

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To begin with, you should realize that humor is acceptable in the definite place and time. Moreover, humor is a delicate matter, because many people cannot understand your joke. Humor depends on bringing up, education, culture and age. Consequently, one should be very careful when he jokes in the multicultural environment. It does not worth mentioning that an elderly person will not understand the joke aimed at the adolescent audience. A common person will not a catch a professional joke of engineers or physicists.

When we speak about advertising, we should bear in mind that humor is not a universal category.

Every social group has its own understanding of a humorous situation. As a result, it is very hard to introduce humor into an advertisement and attract attention of the entire society. I think that humor is aimed at the definite social groups. When you want to sell a video game, you will introduce several brand new jokes, which are related with the pop culture. An elderly person will not understand this joke and she will not be hooked by the advertisement. On the other hand, I guess there are several motives, which can play the role of the universal humor. For example, the majority of the advertisements of personal care products contain funny kittens, puppies and babies, who behave in a humorous way. They can look silly and push one another but their innocence makes the entire situation look funny.

Every company tries to apply humor in a different way. There is light and situational humor. For example, a famous automobile VW Beetle is often presented like an insect in advertisements. There are companies, which treat their own products ironically attracting attention of new customers. For example, a famous brand H&M created a commercial introducing David Beckham wearing the clothes of this brand. Nearly all men in the commercial looked the same. They had the same clothes and style.

The character of Beckham was annoyed and disappointed, because he had lost his originality. In my opinion, this commercial emphasizes the popularity and power of H&M. This brand is so popular that it can afford laughing at its own success.

Nevertheless, it is important to be careful with humor. Some situations that are funny in one culture are not acceptable in other cultures. If you are planning to establish a firm in another part of the world, you should study the market and the lifestyle of your target customers. Many entrepreneurs lose millions of dollars, because they cannot advertise the product properly. When they decide to introduce humor into a commercial, they ought to bear in mind that this situation can be offensive for the people of this culture. The joke can offend them and they will not buy the advertised product at all. Finally, you should be very careful with the black humor. Some cultures accept the jokes, which contain some light forms of violence and rudeness. Other cultures and social groups will not understand your motives and intentions.

Humor is a delicate element of advertising. If you are a professional in this field, you are able to improve the quality of your commercial with the help of a light situational joke.

When you introduce humor in commercials, remember about the peculiarities of the target audience.

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