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is known to be the first job of the majority of students, immigrants and handicapped people.

Telemarketing is a weighty part of business and our everyday life though very few people understand the structure of this model of marketing. Telemarketing is a kind of direct marketing in which a salesperson or another representative of a firm persuades customers to purchase goods and services over the phone. This quaint method is very controversial inasmuch as experts question its effectiveness.

Foremost it is hard to persuade someone to buy something over the phone. Secondly, constant calls strongly irritate potential customers. To my mind, this topic is relevant since telemarketing employs millions of people all over the world.

Telemarketing is quite a new method, which had its peak about ten or fifteen years ago. A firm wants to reduce the cost of advertising of its products employing a group of telemarketers who promote goods and services over the phone.

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They can call organizations, institutions, companies and common people. Every telemarketer is expected to provide the listener with solid information about his product promptly. It will not be a mistake to claim that this approach is based on the deep knowledge of psychology and its techniques. One should plan his speech to the smallest elements. An advertiser has to say about his company, the name of his product, its qualities, benefits and price. What is more, he has a minute to deliver this information to the potential customer. The procedure of telemarketing is very easy. The majority of telemarketers make calls from call offices, home and directly from the office of their firm. Their employer provides them with the sample questions and answers and they are able to communicate with the addressee in a standard way.

The most common organizations that use telemarketing are political parties, charitable organizations and various public institutions. Political parties inform people about their candidates and political position. Charitable organizations collect donations for private and public purposes. This method is very popular among the organizations, which make public opinion polls. Companies ask their customers about their satisfaction with the definite product or the entire activity of the company’s staff. Many people do not understand in what way a telemarketer has found their phone numbers. The answer is obvious. When you want to become a returning customer possessing personal discounts and benefits, you are asked to fill in a special form. A company receives your phone number and e-mail in this simple way. No wonder, you receive calls from your favorite supermarkets, banks, restaurants and clubs with the request to evaluate their performance and the quality of their products. The majority of famous marketers claim that this procedure improves customer loyalty and binds customers to the exact companies.

Clearly, telemarketing is an extremely stressful job whereas many listeners refuse to listen to the ad. Others decide to offend a telemarketer when he drags them away from their important business. An average addresser has to make several hundred calls daily. Of course, very few people are able to withstand such amounts of information. In addition, their condition of work is rather unfavorable.

People have to work in roomy buildings in the atmosphere of constant noise and shout. In some countries, telemarketing is illegal or limited. Many organizations and institutions just prohibit telemarketers to dial their numbers. If a company breaks this rule, it can be punished with the solid fine. I suppose that telemarketing should be limited as it intrudes into our activity and leisure.

Moreover, there are computerized dialing machines, which can make calls periodically early in the morning, during the dinner hour or late at night. Apparently, it irritates people, because their education, work, dinner, rest are interrupted. Some telemarketing corporations have managed to ignore all laws and restrictions devoted to this method of marketing. They make calls offshore and it is impossible to identify a call’s addresser.

Telemarketing is an appropriate topic for analysis forasmuch it touches upon such areas as business, marketing, ethics, psychology and law. Besides, this method of advertising is still popular in the developing countries. For example, Indian telemarketers are known to work for the majority of American, European and Asian companies and international corporations.

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