Importance of Name Essay

Have you ever thought about the meaning of your name? Do you know why people devote so much time to the choice of their child’s name? Obviously, the importance of name is enormous, because the name identifies its owner. Many scholars have spent much time on the analysis of the origin and meaning of various names. It is interesting to research and compare different names of different countries. Doubtless, you will find a great number of similarities when you analyze this issue deeper. I am going to analyze the importance of names from the point of view of history, culture, religion and geography.

Name is the simplest element, which emphasizes the originality of a human being. Every individual has his own name. Naturally, some names are very popular and one can meet a great number of people with the same name. On the contrary, there are original names, which occur rarely. It is possible to observe the problem of naming from the point of view of geography. It is easy to notice, that some names occur exclusively on the definite territory. When you hear the name Olaf, you understand that its owner comes from Scandinavia. If you hear the name Olga, it is associated with Germany. Consequently, every name has its motherland. With the run of time, names migrated to other nations and languages. No wonder, you can meet such names as Helen, Ann, Alex and Paul in any part of the world.

When we observe the importance of names from the point of view of history, we will understand that they have survived a long process of evolution. The original prehistoric names had the different meaning and pronunciation. It is connected with the changes in grammar and stylistics of the language. Grammatical changes have influenced the evolution of names, their pronunciation and spelling.

It is important to analyze names from the cultural approach. Moreover, I will focus on the social side of this issue. It does not worth mentioning that there were noble and common names. When people lived in tribes, the most influential members had the right to name their children in the sophisticated way. They focused on the names, which meant “brave”, “wise”, “powerful”, etc. The common people named their children simpler. Centuries ago, parents tried to choose the best name to their child, because they believed in its meaning. No wonder, many names have such meanings as “healthy”, “lucky” or “sharp-minded”.

The nobility chose the most sophisticated and complex names, which could emphasize their noble origin and social status. Nowadays, very few people think about the meaning of names. They like the name if it sounds well.

The absolute number of Western names come from Christianity. The Bible contains many names, which have got their popularity in Europe and America. When Christianity spread in Europe, people began to give Christian names to their children. The most well-known names of this kind are Mary, Paul, Peter, Mark, Eugene, etc. Every Christian name has its own Biblical meaning. Every Apostle and Saint has his/her own traits of character and strong sides. Consequently, people think that St Peter will patronize their son if they name him Peter.

The importance of name is very big. Some parents spend several months before they choose the proper name for their child. In my opinion, it is important to generate a good and sound name, which will emphasize the strong sides of the future personality. On the other hand, the importance of names is overestimated. If you name your son Michael, he will not become smarter or stronger. He will just have a good name. Of course, one must not choose a random name for his child, because it can cause numerous problems. For example, you should not name your son Terminator or Frodo, because everyone will laugh at him during his entire life.

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