Argumentative Essay about Resolving Conflicts

Human beings are social creatures, which coexist in groups. Obviously, there are misunderstandings and quarrels between the members of every group. It does not worth mentioning that conflicts occur in every sphere of the human life. There are conflicts at school, at the workplace and even between the members of a family. Every conflict is a challenge and it is important to resolve this situation effectively. Have you ever tried to resolve serious conflicts yourself? I will focus on the detailed analysis of this important issue.

Conflicts occur because of misunderstandings and difference of interests. When two sides cannot find a compromise to cooperate with one another, they begin to quarrel. Doubtless, a conflict is a negative and destructive element; therefore, it is important to resolve it as fast as possible. It is possible to apply various methods for the intensive resolution of all kinds of conflicts. The difference between high school and business conflicts is little. The cause of any misunderstanding is always the same. Consequently, the solution of this problem is universal. Let us observe the most effective methods and techniques of resolving conflicts.

The basic method, which can help you resolve conflicts, is connected with fair competition. Both sides compete or fight in order to define the winner. The winner is always right. The loser has to take the winner’s side and forget about the conflict. Of course, this variant is not effective, because the loser’s side is not satisfied with the result. The loser will dream about the revenge and this conflict will occur again.

The second method is called a denial. Both sides forget about their conflict and ignore it. As a result, both sides lose, because their interests are not satisfied. Naturally, it is impossible to ignore the conflict all the time; therefore, it will occur once again.

The next method is called a compromise. Both sides partially win the conflict, though several interests of every side should be sacrificed. On the one hand, the conflict is resolved peacefully. On the other hand, both sides are partially dissatisfied with the result of this solution. A compromise is the most common conflict resolution among businessmen and politicians. When two corporations struggle for the influence on the market, they decide to reduce their ambitions for the sake of healthy and peaceful relations.

The fourth strategy is connected with the smoothing of the existing problem. Both parties forget about the conflict for some time, but the roots of the problem still exist. Very soon, the conflict occurs again. One side of the conflict can be satisfied with the partial solution of the problem (smoothing), while the second party avoids accepting it.

The fifth strategy is called collaboration. This method is very difficult, because both sides of the conflicts should forget about their quarrels and unite for the sake of their prosperity. Both sides of the conflict are winners. Both parties are satisfied with the result of the solution. For example, two companies can cooperate in order to become the leaders in their sector of the market. They can combine their efforts and produce a common product together. Naturally, collaboration is the most effective solution of any conflict, because it improves the situation of both sides.

In conclusion, conflict resolution is a very important issue for analysis, because everyone should know about the methods, which can help him solve his problems effectively. It is unreasonable to compete and argue all the time. It is better to unite with your rival and work hard for the sake of your interests. You are able to deny or smooth the conflict, but it will not solve your problem efficiently. It is wise to negotiate and find the best compromise, which will satisfy both sides. Doubtless, collaboration is the best solution of every conflict, because it helps both parties embody their plans and ambitions.

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