Informed Consent in Healthcare Essay

The ethical principle of informed consent is the key feature, which indicates the possible instruments for solving the problem between doctors and patients. In most cases, diagnosis is not the necessary data, which everyone has to know about it. The necessity to indicate a high quality of sources is a valuable asset for preparing a nurse to solve a dilemma in the medical practice. Moreover, the decision-making process also matters for improving and organizing the research. Therefore, informed consent about a patient’s diagnosis is the main feature intended to detect and assess strategies and approaches to healthcare services.

The nursing role is to identify the reasons for providers and suppliers. Notably, informed consent plays a crucial role in the process of ensuring the patient’s safety in the hospital (Judkins-Cohn et al.). It also resolves the ethical dilemma about the disease and why outside people should not know about it. The clinical trials are the essential norm for examining consultations about additional expenses in medical centers. In this regard, strategies aimed to decrease negative influence for a patient: “Regulators across the globe have identified essential elements for the informed consent documents” (Ghooi 3). Such a notion implies the basic principles of success for nursing practice. Thus, informed consent matters for patients.

To conclude, strategies and services are the basic needs in the healthcare system. Furthermore, informed consent outlines the key principles of morality and respect, which are ethical in this situation. In nursing practice, such a value aims to solve the moral problem in the medical sphere. Despite the hurdles met on the way of clarity, healthcare system ensures its effectiveness in the organization. Hence, informed consent implies the significant features about finding the solution to the ethical dilemma about the patient’s diagnosis.

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