Robotics in Rehabilitation Essay

  • How effective robotic-mediated therapies are in physical rehabilitation of patients?
  • What is the level of acceptability of robot-therapies among patients?
  • What is the cost of robot therapies in relation to conventional therapies?

Effects of Morning Walk-Assisted Gait Training
Kim et al. (2018) found out that morning walk contributed more to the balance of stroke patients who needed continuous support during walking more than the conventional physiotherapy.

Morning walk comprises of a saddle, chest support, and body weight support link aimed at supporting the weight of a patient, and therefore ensuring that the patient is safely boarded (Kim et al. 2018)

Effectiveness of Robotics in Rehabilitation
There was improvement in upper extremely related functions related to patients who had suffered from stroke, CP, and SCI (Dixit and Tedla 2018).

Effectiveness, Costs, and Acceptability of Robot-Mediated Rehabilitation
Robot-mediated therapies are more effective than conventional therapy in treatment of patient affected by stroke. In essence, robotic therapy was enables a large number of patients to recover and walk independently. Also, use of wearable robots had the lowest number of dropouts due to the fact that the therapist is always present during the session, prompting active participation of the patient, which makes him/her to feel safe, the wearable robot allows patients to walk as of the very first session, which has a positive impact on the psychological response of the patient (Kim, JaYoung, 2018).

Robotic therapy using wearable robots is very expensive, however, cost decreases with increase in the number of hours of use. The difference between the cost of robotic and conventional therapies is considerable. Compared to wearable robotics, the cost of the use of operational machines is more economically sustainable since it is relatively cheaper to purchase (Kim, JaYoung, 2018).

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