Land by Jack Davis Analysis Essay

The society in which one lives has a different dimension of religion based on cultural connection to land and beliefs. The land is an object of worship and reverence. The author uses the differently oriented society to stage a cultural defense of their object of worship – land. The notion explored in the poem is that reverence generates the protection that people seek from divine forces of the land.

In the context, there is a deep and intimate connection between the community and their land. It is a home and an object of love and adoration. It explains the religious symbolism evident in the poem. It is in contrast with the beliefs of the colonial masters (the Europeans) who envisage land as an economic resource. They mainly use it for agriculture. The power of imagination and vision is also explored. This imagery has a link to religious faith. The persona lets the whole episode flow in his mind and can marry that thought with the physical connection he had experienced in their country. The factor of dependence on land as a source of livelihood is emphasized.

Jack Davis relates the power of the land and its presence as that of a supernatural force above humans. The poem depicts land as a spiritual connection to physical life and a source of health, satisfaction, and love. The views on suffering and exploitation are also highlighted. The whites have invaded their land and are misusing it. Salvation shall be realized when such actions are halted completely. They understand that true salvation must generate a feeling of satisfaction and wholeness. However, there is an expression of hope as Davis narrates the explicit beauty and importance of the land.

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