My Carbon Footprint Essay

Carbon Footprint Essay Sample

My carbon footprint shows a slight disparity compared to an average American. The values change on occasions of activity where during rigorous exercise; my demand for the Earth’s materials shows a steady increase with the rise of my wants. Concerning the average American, my carbon footprint value totals to about 20 tons, which indicates the number of greenhouse gases I lose during breathing. This is, however, a very close comparison which is solely dependent on the claim for the Earth’s resources.

My carbon equivalents, however, show a close association with my ecological footprint. In addition to this, there’s only a slight difference in my figures and the overall tabulated statistical value of an average American. However, my carbon footprint shows a small drop compared to my environmental performance (Isley et al. 2016).

These small differences in the above factors are caused by the different needs I have for water usage, waste-management, and saving energy (Attari, 2016). In addition to these, my carbon footprint has reduced due to the considerable distance I walk from home to school, as well as activities such as cooking, where I utilize natural gas.

However, I think my carbon footprint values offer a more reasonable representation of my addition to greenhouse gases since my emission have been hyped by walking the long distance, cooking and my need for energy to carry out these processes.

Moreover, there’s a need to improve on my ecological and carbon footprints so that I do not add to the waste in the environment (Chambers et al. 2014). One strategy would be relocation to a place closer to school and using secondary fuel for my cooking (Song et al. 2015). In addition to these, I will adopt more renewable sources of energy, such as solar.

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