Master of Public Health Statement of Purpose Sample

My interest in the area of public health relies on a personal engagement with the subject. One day, while my parents and I visited a local beach hotel for refreshments, I saw a crowd of beach revelers gathering. I managed to squeeze myself to view what was happening. Unfortunately, I saw two boys fighting for their own lives having been rescued from drowning in the ocean. Fortunately, one doctor was attending to one of the boys, while the other boy received help from unqualified beach revelers. The doctor managed to save one boy and, before he could help another one, he was already dead. That incident was my first experience to witness how many lives could be saved if we had an adequate number of qualified public health service providers. The determination to have enough professionals in the area prompted me to join education in public health upon completion of my junior middle school.

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Having completed my undergraduate studies in public health and having passed superbly in my theory and practical exams, I am motivated to further my knowledge and skills in the area, and I believe that a master’s degree will help me significantly in attaining my aspiration. During my research for a better course, I sourced documents relating to the master of public health in the university and found my interest in the topics I read and the practical exposure to the subject I experienced. The course covers health care topics adequately, so I believe it will substantially enhance my knowledge and skills. I attained a high grade for my dissertation for an undergraduate degree, and I aim at further expanding my knowledge while preparing my dissertation for the master’s course.

My work experience at a surgical device company reinforced my interest in the area of public health. I was able to experience how important operational devices are manufactured and I gained substantial knowledge and skills for my dissertation and other class work. The aforementioned equipment are critical elements in enhancing the field of public healthcare; thus, having a firsthand experience in manufacturing such devices has boosted my skills and knowledge that are essential in pursuing the master’s degree in the public health course. My main role was to assist in ensuring the quality of the surgical devices developed to ensure they work properly as designated. Healthcare is a critical field of study that requires zero margin of error, so any apparatus used in the service must be of high quality to attain the intended results.

I precisely aim to study at the department of public health in the university because of your deep interest in researching the possibilities for improvement in the area and your outstanding reputation in these fields. The global reputation of the given branch entices a variety of students, and, I believe, it will offer a stimulating and productive environment to further my healthcare education. The university offers exceptional recreation and working facilities for graduate students, which exhibit commitment to the alumni. Joining the department of healthcare in your reputable university will be of significant help to me in ensuring that I achieve my childhood dream of becoming a qualified public health service provider.

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