My Career Goals Essay

As a nurse, an undergoing student at Alverno college and a prospective Doctor of Nursing practitioner, I intend to continue walking in the path I started in the summer of 2005. At this point in time I stepped into the clinical nursing, and concluded more than a decade of successful career as in the field of finance. Today, clinical practice is not only a source of great professional and intellectual satisfaction, but also my natural environment, in which I will be proud to excel as a DNP.

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Combining my genuine concern for the single patient and my view of the challenges facing America’s tempestuous healthcare system, my broad goal is to expand my circle of influence from the single patient and families to departments, institutions and communities. Looking ahead at the academic prospects at Alverno college and my future career as a DNP, my plan includes three major phases:

First, I wish to do clinical work in community settings, preferably in immigrant communities, where life conditions are similar to those I had grew up in. simply put, I intend to lead a substantial change in the community’s life. In order to reach this point, I need a head start by getting familiar with the body of accumulated experience from other cases, including challenges of diverse natures and ways to overcome them. Then, I would like to have as many opportunities as possible to practice the pattern of behavior and decision-making, which were previously suggested as effective.

Second, upon achieving a major progress in the micro-level goal described above, I will do my best to influence healthcare policies through representing my community. Having the tools needed to access and influence the policy-making level, I intend to act as a representative of my community. The system can and should provide better care; I am confident that by cooperating with other DNPs (both my colleagues at Alverno college and other DNPs, whose ‘language’ I will learn throughout my studies, as well as other professionals), we can improve both the system and the care given.

Third, I would also like to have a teaching position at some point. My years in the financial industry had thought me that scarcity is manageable, but not without paying enough attention to the way resources are allocated. Education is the best possible investment, and by taking a part in this effort, I would be able to make tremendous impact on the future of American healthcare.
One particular topic I intend to work on throughout my DNP studies and afterwards is the overwhelming disparity in vaccination rates in contemporary America, particularly between Caucasian and ethnic populations. In light of Healthy People 2010 (HP 2010) vaccination and immunization objectives, which stipulated an immunization rate of 90%, the current failure to meet these goals must be explored, explained and undergo considerable changes. Based on my financial experience and familiarity with the health needs of minority groups, I believe that our health system must adopt comprehensive approach to this problem.

Healthcare professionals and policy makers should have state-of-the-art data sets and analyses regarding the direct and adverse implications of the current situation. When more than half of the target group fails to receive pneumococcal vaccination, for instance, the result is unnecessary inefficiencies in the system, which can be avoided by a more just allocation of vaccinations resources. Moreover, my prospective research will also try to find other predictors of vaccination gaps rather than ethnicity. By finding patient demographics that are relatively less likely to be vaccinated on time, I assume that my DNP project will be able to get the attention of both local medical staffs and health policy scholars.

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