My Living Situation after Graduation Essay

One of the merits of getting an education is that I get the necessary documents after graduation that will enable me to get a good job that pays above the minimum wage. This, therefore, means that I can live a good lifestyle since I worked hard in school and did not give up on education until the end. Education will help me achieve my dream job of working in a bank, in New York, the city that never sleeps.

After I graduate, I will go to New York to search for a job in a bank. I would like to be employed at the federal reserve bank of New York as an accountant, if I manage to get this job, I will most likely get about 85,070 us dollars annually. This will be enough to provide for my basic needs.

After getting a job the next thing on my list, is to search for one bedroomed apartment in New York near Liberty Street, where I can take about half an hour to reach with my car.

This will cost me about 500 us dollars to get one bedroom apartment. The cost of furnishing my apartment will be around 1200 us dollars since I will not buy new furniture.

Moving to my new house will not be a big challenge since I do not own a lot of things besides my clothes and some books since I live with my parents. The internet cost will add up to us dollars 7.99 per month phone call charges will be 15 dollars per month, and the utility cost will be 500 dollars per month. I will get cable TV at around 25 dollars for six months. In total, I will have used 19,547.99 Dollars.

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