Nature Themed Art Essay

“The Monument of the Lost Falcon” is Alan Sonfist’s nature-themed work of art that spans 44 x 28 m. Only an aerial view allows one to comprehend the model which Sonfist has made in a Wittgenstein forest clearing. The artist uses earth walls to model a silhouette of a falcon and then uses a fence to protect his work from destruction by people and animals. This work of art which depicts a falcon lost in the face of the earth shows the destructive nature of man and the artist symbolizes this through the fence (Sonfist, 2004). The artist seeks to express the need to care for the environment to people viewing his work. 

The “Lotus Temple” is a piece of architecture in India which derives its inspiration from nature. This temple in New Delhi is a place of worship for people from all religions, and everyone is allowed in. Interestingly, this temple also referred to as “Bahai House of Worship,” resembles a Lotus flower. According to Hien, (1998), this architectural masterpiece “is present as a piece of the sky which is suddenly opened before the eyes and framed by the two independent walls: a curved wall and a straight wall.” Around the world, many people regard the Lotus flower as a symbol of peace among peoples and their prosperity and for this reason the temple allows people from multi-religious visitors. Anyone can read from any and pray from the temple though no musical instruments are allowed inside the temple.

The Temple of Hephaestus in Athens, Greece is one of the most preserved ancient temples in the world. This temple is named after Hephaestus and Athena, god of fire and goddess of pottery and crafts respectively (Pearson, 2014). This temple is thought to date back to 450 BC and is an example of the extemporary Dorian architectural designs that existed during the time. Iktinus is credited with designing the Parthenon and the Temple of Hephaestus although that many other artisans designed and built this temple (p. 60). This wonderful section of job have several (six) columns both at the West and at the East, consequently, there are other (13) on the North and the South. The other point that one should have a clear understanding about is the fact that North and South columns are long while the East and West ones are short. There is a depiction of several Greek mythological events on the walls of the temple. The eastern side has a representation of the labors of Hercules, and the great battle between Theseus and the fifty children of Pallas referred to as Pallentides (p. 72). On the western side, there is a depiction of the fall of Troy

The Trembita, Unknown artist (Hutsuls), Ukraine, is an alpine wood horn common among the Hutsuls and Carpathian communities that lived in the Ukrainian highlands. This tube without holes was a means of communication among the communities, and if there were an urgent message that people wanted to pass across, a trembita master would climb atop the nearest mountain and blow the instrument (Hardaway, 2011). The communities knew the meaning of the tunes played by the trembita and the sound would travel a range wider than 10 kilometers. The instrument was crucial in communicating messages from death to danger of war, or even messages of rejoicing. This way, the communities stayed informed and safe.


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