Our Stories: Migration and Labour in Taiwan Essay

The statement of the French philosopher and writer Denis Diderot that people stop thinking when they stop reading really describes the whole significance of reading in people’s lives. In addition, it is necessary for a good teacher to plan classes in such a way as to arouse the interest of studying in students. On each of them, exciting thoughts and incredible discoveries are born. Books are an unquestionable source of knowledge and it is important for teachers to provoke interest in reading. Another bishop named Augustine of Hippo accurately noted that “the world is a book and those who do not travel alone”. Our Stories-Migration and Labor in Taiwan is one of the most interesting books, which is filled with rich descriptions of the life of migrants, their work experience and destiny. Being in the teacher’s place to urge students to study books about Taiwan, it is necessary to create a brief but impressive excursion about this island and the inhabitants.

First, a teacher needs to give a brief information about the author and the book. Our Stories-Migration and Labor in Taiwan is written by Ku Yu-ling. The book is quite interesting and compulsory to read to understand the reality of the labor activity of migrants in Taiwan. Ku Yu-ling uses a combination of reporting and literature to deepen knowledge about the lives of migrants. The author combines the lives of the indigenous people of Taiwan and migrants to show that all people are equal and similar regardless of nationality. Ku Yu-ling does not describe migrants as victims or people who are very distinct from the indigenous population. Her book is filled with real events and stories described with humor and love. She experiences all the stories personally, illuminating the potential problems of migratory people. Her feelings expressed in such a sentence: “No matter how far these people travel or move, they need not take too many risks, their stakes in the” gamble “are not as high as they are; this group of people who can migrate anywhere with ease remains, however, only a minority” clearly prove her involvement in the story of migration. Migration is always characterized by uncertainty. Moreover, the author claimed that with globalization and capitalization, the movement of capital across borders remains far ahead of the movement of people. Migrants are living on the margins of globalization and becoming part of the global chain of production. Unfortunately, the huge number of migrant workers in Taiwan suffer from discrimination due to Taiwanese labor laws and racism towards them from the society. As a result this social group of people demand from the government to improve  legal system to provide the foreign employers the same rights as for locals society. However, they all contribute to the economy of Taiwan. Therefore, author proposes to appreciate the differences and uproot the discrimination towards migrants.

In order for students not to find this book boring, one should also mention the reasons for migration to Taiwan. Taiwan is called one of the four so-called Asian tigers, whose economic rise made a change our views on the modern world. Taiwan is a vivid example of how a region considered agrarian, with the help of investments and competent management, has become one of the world leaders in the production of high-tech products. That is why work in Taiwan is especially interested in qualified specialists with higher education who can realize their potential there while receiving a decent salary. Therefore, people actively participate in the migration process despite unknown potential difficulties and problems. In addition, the author describes how great the responsibility and courage of people who migrate: “I have met more of those courageous migrant workers who have to leave their homeland with very little money or security (in fact, most of them have to incur debts in order to migrate) moving and labour, sometimes halfway across the globe, making waves and overcoming dangers as they forge forward, never looking back”. The dedication to the dream and the purpose of these people is vividly described by the author in Our Stories-Migration and Labor in Taiwan and will help awaken the interest of any students.

Summing up all the information mentioned above being in the teacher’s place a person should remember that the students can be interested in reading the book with bright and memorable moments that can agitate their minds. The more interesting and thought-provoking information, the more interest in this or that topic they have. Quotations from books or statements appropriate to the topic of the lessons are always capturing students.

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