Persuasive Essay on Brave New World

Free Persuasive Essay: Brave New World

Brave New World is the roman-dystopia, which is written by the English famous writer Aldous Huxley, the grandson of the world famous biologist and anatomist Thomas Henry Huxley. The novel was published in 1932 and conquered the attention of the current readers very soon. Aldous Huxley decided to describe the possible future of the human civilization, because the fictional world is based on the American life of that period and the developing process of mass production and the birth of the culture of consumption. People did not strive to get educated and produce quality goods but lived only to consume goods and services of various kinds. The author named the new era of the fictional world Ford Era and counted years after the invention of conveyor, the appliance used for the mass and rapid production. Although, the fictional world is a fictional one, Aldous Huxley introduced here the real existing personalities of his time who change the process of production and influenced the development of the human civilization.

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The world did not possess any spiritual or moral values, because everything was based on materialism. People did not reproduce in the natural way and were selected according to the qualities and skills required for the good of the society. Workers, farmers, managers and presidents were selected in the artificial way and possessed the very qualities required for their occupation. The family life disappeared, because everything was artificial and people did not require being the members of such “unnecessary” social groups. The world, the system of value and happiness is artificial and people were happy but not free. The novel has its 23rd place of the 100 best books ever and is spiritually connected with such outstanding books as 1984 (George Orwell) and Fahrenheit 451 (Ray Bradbury).

Brave New world is an interesting and thought-provoking novel which is surely worth student’s attention. One should read the book attentively and then present his personal opinion about it. The student is supposed to dwell on the background of the book, illustrate the current condition of the human society, compare the fictional world with the real one and think about the similarities. One should focus on the most important and reasonable points and issues of the book and prepare a critical subjective opinion about it.

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