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Reality Therapy Research Paper

Reality Therapy is a direction in psychotherapy, the primary instrument of which is the formation of the patient active life position through the assumption of responsibility, increasing inner freedom in specific situations.

The reality therapy or therapy by real was invented, developed, and updated by William Glasser.

It is based on the choice of the individual. In this context, if an individual may reconsider his decision, he could be cured because the disease is considered here as a choice or as a weakness that is not inevitable. The reality therapy does not focus on the analysis of the past. It instead focuses on the development of resources to meet the needs of the individual and help to have harmonious relations with his family. The reality therapy emphasizes the responsibility of the individual who is faced with moral choices that it is healthy to cope.

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Students writing their research papers on the topic must know the basic principles of reality therapy:

  1. We are the creators of our destiny and not its victims. This unusual concept of “responsibility” was found in several critical areas of modern psychotherapy, particularly in the work of Albert Ellis and in the model of changing the path of decisions by Robert and Mary Goulding. Many outstanding therapists started with this assumption.
  2. Events should be regarded as “information” rather than as incentives (regarding stimulus-response). Simply put, this assumption refutes the opposition “do-feel” that is shared by most people: no one can force a person to experience sadness, madness, and suffering. We decide how to act; it is our choice. Events cannot force us to experience something. Ultimately, we choose our reactions; we create a sense of their response. Therefore, it would be correct to consider the problem as a dynamic process, not as a static situation. Grammatical replacement may clarify this conceptual change. For example, it is more productive, from a therapeutic point of view, to say that a person “suppresses” itself (verb) than to deal with “depression” (noun), because it is easier to imagine the dynamics of the active process of “suppression” than to imagine changing of static “depression.”
  3. Underlying needs drive people; human behavior is an attempt to influence the world in a way to meet these needs. As a result, reality therapy teaches patients to chose, showing them how to meet their needs more adaptively. The therapist asks the provocative question. “Does what you do (choose) give you what you want to achieve?” This issue assumes that the patient has an internal image of some ideal or desired representation, which he can gradually learn to recognize and implement.
  4. The term “holistic behavior” includes actions, thinking, feeling, and physiology. Reality Therapy focuses on changing the thinking and actions that are “always arbitrarily elected” and that, in turn, will change the feelings and physiology. Problems are solved here-and-now, and the patient himself solves them.

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