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Free Persuasive Essay about Censorship:

Censorship is the strict control of the government, organization or a group of people over the public opinion of an individual. Generally, censorship touches upon the proclamation of the certain definite ideas which are often opposite to the ideas of the government and organizations. The only way to make people be calm about the problematic issues is to prohibit these matters in the public discussions. The most obvious purpose of censorship is to stabilize the society if the government is too weak to control over it in the natural way.

Censorship is often understood as a negative phenomenon, because if the personality is not allowed to express her personal opinion about the definite issues, the condition of the government of such a country is quite poor. The most widespread targets of censorship are journalists, writers and politicians.

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The government often tries to have the means of mass media under its strict control in order to prevent journalists from the discussion of the urgent problems and the issues which are not convenient for the government. It is natural that very often such a situation occurs in the totalitarian countries which have serious problems with democracy. In fact, censorship can have a positive and constructive side. For example, sometimes censorship prevents publishing houses from creating books, periodicals, etc which contain unfavourable, rude, immoral and extremely sexual content, which can be seen by children. Television is also under the strict control of censorship in order to make it less violent and rude. Censorship also applied for music, political speeches, libraries (they are prohibited from possessing the banned books), etc.

Censorship is quite a controversial topic for the discussion and the student is able to prepare a persuasive essay which would observe the issue from all possible sides. The student is expected to learn about the problem of censorship, its history, the cause and effect of this practice and demonstrate his own point of view on the matter. The purpose of writing is the presentation of the student’s subjective opinion about censorship and its positive and negative sides. One can support his point of view with the help of the reliable arguments which can persuade the reader in the student’s opinion.

The student often has troubles with the appropriate composition of a persuasive essay and the Internet can become quite helpful in this case. One is able to observe the appropriate manner of writing with the help of a free example persuasive essay on censorship of books written by the talented expert online. The student can look through a free sample persuasive essay on censorship in music and catch the right manner of formatting, construction of the text and investigation of the problem.

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